Maine Propane Dealer Who Won’t Deliver to Trump Voters Is Not Licensed to Sell Gas


Remember the nasty propane dealer Michael Turner who taped a message on his phone to buyers that if they voted for Trump he will no longer deliver their gas? It turns out that Turner has not had a license to sell propane since 2012 Central Maine reported.

Michael Turner, who operates of Turner LP Gas Service on Canaan Road, left a message for would-be customers on his company’s voice mail, saying “If you voted for Donald Trump for president, I will no longer be delivering your gas. Please find someone else.” That message was left on a Friday, when the weather was bitterly cold. The message goes on to say that the cost of gas remains $110 a bottle, with payment due on delivery. […]

According to the Maine Fuel Board, Turner’s propane license expired in 2012. Turner had two licenses, one for delivery and the other for dispensing, which expired in 2012 and 2014, respectively. The board became aware of the issue after the news of Turner’s message was reported by the Portland Press Herald late last week.

He’s also retiring so doesn’t much care and can be as nasty as he wants and say what he wants. In the meantime, he won’t let anyone freeze. How big of him.

Turner’s face is blurred because he wants to remain hidden. He’s so typical.