Mexico Is Too Dangerous to Report


drug cartel areas in Mexico

The war on our southern border is the war we might want to be most concerned about. There are reports that media in both Mexico and the United States are afraid to report on the violence because it puts their safety in jeopardy. Furthermore, the southern border might be under the control of drug cartels. The government isn’t going to tell us the truth – Big Sis is a known liar. There is a reason ICE agents are suing her.

Reporting for the homeland security newswire, journalist Lee Maril said:

It would seem that drug violence only stops at the Mexican border in the imaginations of Washington politicians. On example: Mexican journalists, because of fear for their own lives and the safety of their families, are increasingly reluctant to cover drug cartels’ violence and mayhem. What has occurred in recent months is that American reporters located in American border cities also have stopped reporting on drug-related violence across the border for the same reasons as their Mexican counterparts.

Mr. Maril cites one horrendous example of a drug battle in Tamaulipas that dragged on for three hours with no Mexican authorities in attendance. At least a dozen men were killed but the Tamaulipas DA played it down as a smaller battle with two bystanders killed and cartel members arrested. The police weren’t even there. No one has published the accurate story of Reynosa though we have posted it here. He goes on to say that the NY Times and WaPo also did not report the gun battle.

Robert Lee Maril, a professor of sociology at East Carolina University and founding director of the Center for Diversity and Inequality Research, is the author of The Fence: National Security, Public Safety, and Illegal Immigration along the U.S.-Mexico Border. He blogs at

There are other reports that journalists from the US no longer cross the border because it is too dangerous. Look at what happened to Jon Hammer and others like him. People from this country go unknowingly into Mexico, not knowing what they might face.

This is one of the reasons that US citizens need to be armed.

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