MH370: Officials Look to Pilot Suicide As Facts Are Made Known


Zaharie, siwf Faize, and daughter

Captain Zaharie Shah, his wife and daughter

The New Zealand Herald reported that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s world was crumbling, said a long-time associate. He had been facing serious family problems, including separation from his wife and relationship problems with another woman he was seeing.

via The Herald:

The man, who spoke to the Herald on condition of anonymity, said Captain Zaharie was “terribly upset” when his wife told him she was leaving and believed he may have decided to take the Malaysia Airlines plane to a part of the world he had never flown in.

He guessed that Captain Zaharie may have considered the flight a “last joyride” – the chance to do things in a plane he had previously been able to do only on a simulator.

The friend said Captain Zaharie, who he chatted to when they met several times a year through work, was a fanatic for “the three Fs” – food, family and flying.

When he wasn’t working he spent hours cooking or using his home-made flight simulator for a variety of situations he wouldn’t experience at the controls of a commercial airline, such as flying at the highest and lowest possible altitudes.

The associate believed the co-pilot was incapacitated and the crew kept out.

After the co-pilot signed off, Japanese military radar picked up his voice mumbling and couldn’t make out what he was saying.

The plane climbed to 43,000 feet moments before disappearing from radar and stayed at that altitude for 23 minutes but oxygen would have run out after 12 minutes, rendering passengers and crew unconscious.  He flew as low as 12,000 feet at times.

The plane could have flown until it ran out of fuel. Debris has been found which could be from the plane.

A friend of the pilot says Zaharie Shah was devastated over his wife’s decision to move out and never should have been flying.

“This has been a deliberate act by someone on-board who had to have the detailed knowledge to do what was done,” an official source said.

Investigators believe no malfunction or on-board fire was capable of causing the aircraft’s unusual flight or the disabling of its communications system, or of taking it on a seven-hour flight wildly off course.

They also believe the pilot was to blame.

He might have killed 238 people and himself because he was upset.

New debris has been found, at least 122 pieces believed might have come from flight MH370 according to the Australian:

  • “MRSA analysed the images and in one area of the ocean, measuring some 400 square kilometres, were able to identify 122 potential objects.
  • “Some objects were one metre in length, other objects were as much as 23 metres in length. Some of the objects appeared to be bright, possibly indicating solid material.”
  • The minister said the objects were found about 2557 kilometres from Perth, Western Australia, from where search planes are flying.
  • “MRSA immediately forwarded the information to the Australian rescue coordination centre yesterday,” he said.
  • “It must be emphasised that we cannot tell if the potential objects are from MH370. Nevertheless, this is another new lead that will help direct the search operation.

Australian and Chinese planes spotted the debris which was also seen on satellite photos. All the debris has been found in the same general area, however, the oceans are garbage dumps and it is questionable as to whether or not the debris would still be traveling together if it were from the plane after 19 days.