Michelle Fields Continues to Bash Trump, Lewandowski, Greta, Hannity…



Michelle Fields is looking at a bleak future as a journalist unless she can turn what’s left of her career into an anti-Fox, anti-Trump campaign on CNN. Michelle Fields is the Breitbart reporter who was seemingly pulled while trying to talk to Donald Trump in a scrum as he left an event.

She did appear to touch Trump before being “pulled” though she denies it and the events did not take place as she described. She filed a police complaint against the alleged perpetrator Corey Lewandowski, which has been dropped by the prosecutor and she is now considering a civil complaint.

Greta Van Susteran, giving her some good advice to abandon her plan, got this in response.

She lashed out at Sean Hannity as well.

People are now accusing her of bruising her own arm or committing some other fraud. The more she rants, the more she looks foolish.

Michelle Fields has a history of filing complaints against police, Allen West and others.

She interviewed with CNN and said Corey lied, Trump lied, she disagreed with the prosecutors, she’s angry with many at Fox, has burnt her bridges with Breitbart and continues to close off all her forward paths for her career.

Corey Lewandowski said he is glad it is behind them. He claims he did try to call her, which she denies, but not to apologize because he doesn’t even know what happened – it was 3 seconds in his life.

Ben Shapiro who also left Breitbart in support of Fields wrote an 8-point article claiming it proves Lewandowski is a liar but it didn’t do that for me. Check it out here.

After giving Michelle Fields a platform to rip into Corey Lewandowski and her employer Breitbart news, Megyn Kelly came out against her in a very powerful way.

If you haven’t seen the video of the alleged assault of Fields, here it is. In the least, it’s a tempest in a teapot and no one comes out looking good but Michelle Fields is on self-destruct.