Michelle Obama’s Food Police Closing In On Our Military In Training Facilities

Food Czar Michelle Obama Eating Junk Food

Michelle Obama hopes to have the US military lining up for salads and hydration stations in lieu of snacks, red meat and soda pop.

Her healthy eating habits campaign has now come to warning labels on foods such as desserts and fried foods which are disappearing from the military menu in Ft. Jackson.

Soda machines on bases are being replaced by hydration stations.

Foods are color coded according to their nutritional merit, something I did with my grammar school children.

Michelle wants to move this into public schools.

This began with the “Go Green Program” and Lt. Sonya Cable. Cable’s government connections are interesting. Cable gave a tour of the dining facilities at Ft. Jackson to First Lady Michelle Obama in January, said the program started with basic combat training sites and now is used in all training facilities.

Others involved in Cable’s panel included Ned Holland, Assistant Secretary for Administration at Health and Human Services; Dr. Joel Kimmons of the Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity at the Centers for Disease Control; and Jeff Mills, Food Services Director for D.C. public schools. Panelists discussed their efforts to curb unhealthy eating habits in various branches of government. Read here: CNS News