Mitt Romney Handling the Libyan Situation with Clarity

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney gave a press conference today about the deaths in the Libyan Embassy. He appeared very presidential to me.

The left media captured one shot of him smiling and said he was smiling at the deaths. They tried to tie his comments from yesterday to the deaths.

I would like to print both sides of the picture here but there aren’t any. There are only lies and attacks to compare with at this point.

You can listen to Mitt Romney’s press conference and decide for yourself:

If anyone actually believes that two coordinated attacks on 9/11 happened because of a dopey film that has been around for months, they are misguided. These were planned and choreographed attacks on the United States.

The terrorists continuously threaten us on 9/11. Why do these attacks come as a surprise? We have been told by Ahmadinejad and other terrorist leaders that our interests will be attacked and we will be safe nowhere in the world.

In the end, it is not Israel who is the main target – it is us. We are the Great Satan. If we abandon Israel, we will regret it.

Romney is running for president and he did the right thing by responding quickly.

When Nuland gave her pitiful apology yesterday, it was hours after the attack. There is NO way that she didn’t run it by Obama, the controller-in-chief. He approved of that statement. Further proof lies in his statement today which included another reference to being opposed to the denigration of other peoples’ religion. We live in a free country and anyone can make a dopey film that insults another person’s religion, which he apparently doesn’t realize.

What doesn’t he get? It’s not about the film. It’s about attacking the United States in a way that grows the Islamist movement. They need a common enemy and we are it.