Moms, Children Being Used to Limit Gun Rights and Win Elections



The plan to steal the 2014 elections includes a resurgence of several movements we have seen promoted by Foxy Barry over the past year, not the least of which is gun control.

MomsRising is a social justice organization funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, a charitable foundation paving the way for climate change, women’s rights, and peace in a global society – they also want your guns. MomsRising wants to limit our Second Amendment rights.

They equate themselves with Moms Against Drunk Driving, an organization that does not attempt to take cars or driver’s rights away but only wants to keep people safe.

MomsRising plans to run ads, lobby, and rally in Congress. Next week, they will march through the halls of Congress with their adorable little children in cow costumes to tell Congress not to be cowed by the big money of the gun rights people and to get MOO-ving on gun control. They, meanwhile, are the ones funded with the big Rockefeller money.

They plan to launch an attack against Starbucks which has no laws against bringing guns into their shops.

Mostly, they – unsurprisingly – want to rev up for the 2014 elections.

This is more of the Obama “grassroots” effort to win the House and Senate in 2014 at the expense of our Second Amendment rights. They are cleverly getting women and children to do it. How do you fight that without looking downright mean?

Republicans need to form a group of moms and children who want the right to self-defense and sports such as hunting and target practice.

Another group formed after Sandy Hook, Moms Demand Action, and they coincidentally want the same “common sense” gun solutions Obama wants.

They have joined forces with Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund, which would be more appropriately called Mayors Against Legal Guns because it is legally-owned guns Bloomberg hopes to limit and ban.

It is a very well-funded group. Lots of big money involved in their movement.

Moms Demand Action plans to be a force in the 2014 elections. “We’re going to be a force to be reckoned with in the 2014 midterms, moms are so engaged in this they’re just not going away,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action. Want to bet she’s a Democrat?

“We believe that by 2014 it will be impossible to avoid our presence,” Watts said, adding that their six-month-old group has more than 100,000 members across the country. “If you aren’t willing to speak with us or aren’t willing to hear from us, I think it will really impact their chances at election or reelection.”

The mother’s groups are creating PACs and registering as 501(c)4s and will certainly not be targeted by the IRS.

They are armed with false gun statistics which Obama’s own gun study shows are unreliable and prove nothing – the results of gun research are mixed.

That won’t stop the anti-gun advocates as they search for social justice, which to them means people can only have very restricted gun rights. When they get their way with that, the restrictions will grow worse. The only direction the left knows is further left.

The left has hit on a new approach to limiting the Second Amendment – using children and mothers armed with selective gun statistics to bolster their manipulative and contrived disarmament campaign. As an added bonus, they get to sway the 2014 elections. It’s all part of the Democratic ground game.

Some information taken from left-wing Politico.