More al Qaeda Bombs Unaccounted For

Underwear Bomb, Similar to An Improvised Explosive Device


The CIA had insider information that enabled the CIA to foil the latest underwear bomber plot who was a member of an al Qaeda affiliate in Yemen. Unfortunately, there are more bombs out there. The insider is safely out of Yemen and brought the underwear bomb with him.

Al Qaeda bombmaker Ibrahim al-Asiri was again connected to the device which is a refinement over the last bomb. It had no metal parts and would not have been detected by screening devices.

Carney, Brennan, and Napolitano all denied there was such a plot last week. Sen. Lieberman said “I was told that no public announcement of the plot was made at the time in order to protect ongoing counter-terrorism operations in the field.”

Security screeners had nothing to do with exposing this plot. They seem to be more effective at harassing children and old people.

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Please read the story here: ABC News