More Fake Hacking News


Ambassador McFaul, a Democrat, was asked by Chuck Todd on Sunday why everyone is convinced that Russia hacked the election.

“Well, because Russia has this capability. And they’re motivated for political purposes to do these kinds of things. What is really striking about the last 48 hours, of course, is that now the intelligence community is starting to directly give us news about the way these dots are connected.

Remember, you and I have talked about this many times. We knew some things, like we were pretty certain about the DNC hacking by the Russians. What we didn’t have reported before was evidence that they gave that data to Wikileaks. We also didn’t have the data that you just described in your intro that they hacked the RNC, the Republicans. Those are pretty big new facts. And I think they demand real attention in terms of some kind of investigation.”

The intelligence community is a CIA “secret” report by “anonymous” sources with “no specific intelligence. The RNC was not hacked though the NY Times claimed they did. The media is acting and reporting as if the hacking is a done deal and ignoring the corruption and lies by the media and Hillary Clinton.

Reince Priebus, the former RNC Chair would know if they were hacked. He made it clear that they were NOT hacked.

In a Fox interview, Reince Priebus, incoming White House chief of staff, refuted the notion of the Russians ever hacking the Republican National Commitee in an interview on ABC’s “This Week.”

He exploded at Chuck Todd in a Meet the Press interview and said, “The Russians didn’t hack the RNC”. He would know.

The following is why Democrats are doing it. When Todd asked McFaul what Putin’s motivation was, the Democrat Ambassador said:

“You know, I think it’s two things. One is revenge against secretary Clinton. Let’s remember that Vladimir Putin thinks that she intervened in his election, the parliamentary election in December 2011. And has said as much publically. I heard him talk about it privately.

Number two, president-elect Trump supports a lot of foreign policy positions that Vladimir Putin supports. You just played several of them in your clips. Right? So it’s very rational in my view that he would rather see President-Elect Trump be the next president of the united States instead of secretary Clinton.

Now, I want to add one thing here. Sometimes people jump to the conclusion that this was somehow coordinated with president-elect Trump. I don’t believe that for a minute. But did the Russians take some actions to try to help him? I think the evidence is circumstantial enough that we really do need this bipartisan, independent investigation that others are calling for.”

Again, where’s the evidence. Journalists are now editorialists because Todd didn’t question him as if he had legitimate information.


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