Grandma Clinton’s Deleted Emails Might Be in the Hands of the FBI


Every day, there is more news about Hillary. The drip, drip, drip continues. If you or I did what she did, we’d be in jail but there are different rules for Clintons as we found out in the 1990s. It depends on what the definition of “is” is.

Mark Levin was on The Sean Hannity Show Wednesday evening and said her scandal isn’t an email scandal. What Hillary did was put our classified information on the table for our enemies to see. He can’t understand why nothing is being done. She definitely broke the law.

Radar Online is reporting that a hacker – a computer specialist – claims he has the 32,000 deleted emails from Hillary Clinton’s server. He claims that whoever deleted them forgot to delete the “send” box. He offered various lines which are ostensibly in the emails.

It’s a radar online secret source. The hacker reportedly said his attorney told him to turn it all over to the FBI and he claims he will do that.

It sounds like a gimmick to get hits but who knows. You can’t believe anything.

If true, she’s done. She should have been done already but Democrats are apparently okay with her answering that 3 AM phone call and having the nuclear codes despite her record of violating national security.

The Daily Mail is reporting – from an anonymous source of course – that the Obama administration knew the emails were for sale but wouldn’t go after them. It doesn’t sound legitimate.

Bryan Pagliano
Bryan Pagliano

Bryan Pagliano, who worked for Clinton during her 2008 presidential campaign and at the State Department, has been identified in digital records as the person who set up her email server in 2009. He is going to plead the Fifth before Congress according to Chuck Grassley who received the information from his attorneys.

These people are so non-transparent. They need to give him immunity because he knows where the bodies might be buried.

Clinton’s campaign aide said she has encouraged aides to answer any questions. Hmmmmm….

Meanwhile, Hillary is heading for New Hampshire to reduce Sanders’ lead.  Sanders now leads in New Hampshire with 44 percent to Clinton’s 40 in the Huffington Post pollster average and he is a Socialist.

She begins Saturday with a Women for Hillary program in Portsmouth that puts Clinton on stage with the state’s popular senator, Jeanne Shaheen.

She’s holding a Women for Hillary event in Columbus but it will cost you $2700 to see this woman who touts herself as a champion of the common people.

Some people might be more interested in the Women Against Hillary Facebook page

The State Department is covering for her over this email scandal and don’t even think they should be considering the possibility that she violated rules.

Also interesting to note is that she compromised secure data during the time Wikileaks was hacking secure cables with lots of classified information.

MSNBC Thursday made fun of Hillary Clinton panderers. The liberal media isn’t buying her story.