More Hate Spewing from the Alt-Left as They Justify Calling Opponents “Baskets of Deplorables”


The very polarizing and very unpleasant Stephanie Cutter, former Deputy Campaign Manager for President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, responded to Hillary’s hate-filled comments about Trump’s supporters. She said Hillary’s only mistake was saying half of his supporters are deplorable.

Cutter was very deceitful. Hillary didn’t describe half the supporters this way, she described all of Trump’s supporters horribly.

Hillary said half were “baskets of deplorables”, “irredeemables”, “racists, xenophobes, homophobes, Islamaphobes”, but she described the other half as losers who don’t like the government and who are voting for change even if a “racist, xenophobe, homophobe, Islamaphobe” is the one they vote for.

The hate that faux “uniter” Hillary has for the right was clear. Trump has more than 40% of the electorate and Hillary’s venomous contempt for them wasn’t a mistake, it was her rare moment of truth.

Not wanting open borders and unvetted refugees from terror nations is racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia now. When did that happen?

There is no alt-right really. It’s a term invented by a leftist that was adopted by some on the right and which the left immediately claimed and labeled KKK. It’s all a lie.

Stephanie Cutter, the good soldier, spread some more hate today with Chuck Todd.

TODD: “Stephanie, tough to defend the remark, is it or no? Do you think it’s tough to defend the remark deplorables in that group of people?”

CUTTER: “Absolutely not. I think her only mistake is she said half of his supporters are deplorable. Does anybody around this table not seen Trump’s rallies and Trump’s own remarks? He is attracting a certain type of voter. She gave a whole speech on describing them. They are called the alt-right. From research we know his own words calling Mexicans rapists, criticism a gold star family, these are the most tent things about him. What she said was not wrong, her only mistake is she described half of supporters that way.

Cutter didn’t mention the alt-left, the particular kind of voters Hillary is attracting — communists, socialists, violent radical groups like Black Lives Matter, and other haters.