More Obama “History”, He Could be 1st U.S. Prez to Lose 2 Wars!



From the time Barack Obama was introduced as a candidate for President of the United States we were bombarded with how the election of this black man would mark a seminal moment in our history. The nation, having “checked that racial box” on Barack’s behalf twice, is now learning that not everything designated as “historic firsts” are certain to be good.

Doubling the National Debt, presiding over the worst “recovery” in almost 70 years, imposing an unpopular, complex, failing healthcare law, and being “in charge” when American Ambassador, Chris Stevens, was brutally slaughtered in Libya have been just some of the destructive goings on under Obama.

But, looming on the horizon, may be a much greater stain to Barack’s legacy,. He could be the first president in American history to lose two major armed conflicts. Since the founding, our country’s leaders has overseen the following wars:

  • American Revolution
  • 1812
  • Mexican-American
  • Civil
  • Spanish-American
  • WW I
  • WW II
  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Persian Gulf
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • ISIS

While some might argue several of those fights ended in a draw, with the exception of Vietnam, the overwhelming majority were decisive victories. So it’s very easy to understand how a pair of losses pinned on a single Commander in Chief, isn’t what “narcissist in chief” Obama’s shooting for. It may however, be what he’s earned.

Mr. Obama’s problematic behavior and poor decision making have promoted dangerously deteriorating conditions on the ground in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The former struggle was considered won, and a feather is his boss’ cap, by no less than Vice President Joe Biden. In 2010, he said, “I am very optimistic about Iraq. I think it’s gonna be one of the great achievements of this administration.” Afghanistan was considered by Obama and his fellow Democrats as the “good war”.   It’s the one that “should have been fought in the first place”, and they vowed to win. He’s greatly undone gains in both those strife torn countries.

Ignoring the warnings of his own top military advisors, Barack yanked American troops from Iraq. He stubbornly refused the generals’ strong recommendations that a force of 10,000 soldiers be left to help secure the peace. Had the president followed that advice, he might have fulfilled Biden’s brag, that Iraqis will, “….use the political process, rather than guns to settle their differences.”

Instead, Obama made a political calculation that by “bringing the troops home” he’d secure a campaign promise just in time for the next election. What he secured was an unstable vacuum quickly filled by heavily armed militants using weapons “to settle their differences”. Now, having lost critical territory, previously paid for with American blood and treasure, Mr. Obama has been driven to re-deploy forces in Iraq. Using his own VP’s assessment of 5 years ago, Barack has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory there.

Afghanistan is also hurdling to the dark side on Obama’s watch. Even in the war Dems were anxious to fight, their leader remains hesitant and conflicted. In December of 2009 he inexplicably announced, simultaneously, a surge of 30,000 troops along with a promise to begin withdrawing them within 18 months. Barack said at the time, oblivious to any possible irony, “Just as we have done in Iraq, we will execute this transition responsibly, taking into account conditions on the ground.”

Well the folks taking all this into account are the Taliban, who are gobbling up lots of strategically crucial ground in southern Afghanistan. On Tuesday CNN announced the fall of Sangin, a key district in Helmand province. The deputy governor, in an act of desperation, pleaded for help with an open letter on Facebook. Imagine the humiliation of a government official having to embarrass those above his pay grade, in order to get military aid. And then, to still lose the battle. It is tragically symptomatic of the crumbling situation in Afghanistan.

President Obama, perhaps sensing he’s destined for an unprecedented place in “Commander in Chief” infamy, is following a strategy of delay, deflect and denial, hoping to pass off his two losing wars to whomever succeeds him. It won’t work.

When Barack reintroduced “boots on the ground” in Iraq it became his battle to win or lose. After he announced the Afghan “surge”, none other than mainstream media guru Bob Schieffer declared it as the “defining moment of the Obama presidency. This was the night when Barack Obama took full ownership of the war in Afghanistan.” Ouch!

It would seem history will never be so kind to Barack Obama as it was on the day of his 2009 inauguration. He has no one to blame but himself. A combination of Obama’s egoism, obstinacy, and ignorance in matters of war and foreign policy have put him in the unenviable position of possibly being the very first President of the United States to lose two wars.

Sucks for him, but it’s a whole lot worse for the millions affected, both directly and indirectly, by his deadly blunders.


  1. Everything after WWII is NOT a war – there’s been no declaration of such. They’ve been unconstitutional police actions and the like. The taxpayers have lost every “war” since WWII.

  2. Based on reading numerous books on Obama, including his own “Dreams of My Father”, which clearly describe his disdain for our country and numerous apology statements and tours throughout the world wherein he continually describes all of the US shortcomings, I would have to pose the question “are our losses under his “command” intentional? The evidence is, in my opinion, overwhelming!!!

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