Interfere With Mother Nature At Your Own Peril

Leave Me Alone!

The following story  is a good example of why we need to stop and consider before we interfere with Mother Nature (though Van Jones plans to ask the UN to give Mother Nature human rights). That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be careful how we treat our planet. That’s a different story.

The story is this. The Canada Geese were making their nests on top of a 50 foot high building at Keyspan Energy Plant on LI. The greenies were very worried about the Geese and said Keyspan had to move their nests. The nests were moved and the mother and father Geese never returned to the nests. The eggs died.

The next year, the Geese made their nests on the 50 foot high building. The eggs hatched. The chicks walked to the edge of the building, jumped off, got up and were fine. One did have a slight limp.

Stop thinking you can interfere with Mother Nature with impunity. For every species that goes extinct, there is another, stronger one that takes its place.

It’s the way of things.