Mozilla’s Anti-First Amendment Crowd Protest Appointment of Brendan Eich – Update


Update: 04/03/14: Eich has been forced to resign over nothing, over once given $1000 to California’s DOMA. The First Amendment is apparently a thing of the past. For agreeing with President Obama’s opinion in 2008, he was basically fired.

On his blog, prior to the uproar, Breandan Eich said this:

A number of Mozillians, including LGBT individuals and allies, have stepped forward to offer guidance and assistance in this. I cannot thank you enough, and I ask for your ongoing help to make Mozilla a place of equality and welcome for all. Here are my commitments, and here’s what you can expect:

  • Active commitment to equality in everything we do, from employment to events to community-building.
  • Working with LGBT communities and allies, to listen and learn what does and doesn’t make Mozilla supportive and welcoming.
  • My ongoing commitment to our Community Participation Guidelines, our inclusive health benefits, our anti-discrimination policies, and the spirit that underlies all of these.
  • My personal commitment to work on new initiatives to reach out to those who feel excluded or who have been marginalized in ways that makes their contributing to Mozilla and to open source difficult. More on this last item below.

Despite this, the LGBT crowd was able to destroy Mr. Eich and the First Amendment at the same time. You can believe what you believe but you won’t get that job you want. A group that can damage the First Amendment is far too powerful.


Original Story: 03/29/14: Three members of Mozilla’s board, which is half the board, have left the software company over its appointment of Brendan Eich as chief executive officer this week. Why? Because he gave $1000 in support of Proposition 8 in 2008. If you will remember, that was the proposition that California passed in support of marriage as between a man and a woman. More than half of Californians wanted the ban on same-sex marriage.

Brendan Eich

Brendan Eich, Mozilla’s new CEO

Apparently, if you believe that and publicly say it, you will be shunned by corporate bigwigs.

According to The Wall Street Journal, former Mozilla CEOs Gary Kovacs and John Lilly, along with Ellen Siminoff, the CEO of education startup Shmoop, all resigned last week just before Eich’s promotion was made public. Still on the board is Mozilla co-founder Mitchell Baker, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, and Spiegel Online’s CEO Katharina Borchert, The Journal says.

Eich co-founded Mozilla and invented JavaScript, but what does his genius matter if in 2008 he believed exactly what President Obama believed in 2008?

Employees are also expressing their outrage with the appointment over his making the $1000 donation. Some want Eich to step down.  Maybe they should step down for being opposed to free speech while claiming they want openness.

This is why we needed Citizens United and secret donations. Unions don’t have to worry about their donations being made public, they want them public to force politicians to do their bidding.

Mozilla is a non-profit organization focused on improving the web and keeping it open for users. Eich will have to balance this goal with the need to generate at least enough revenue to pay for the organization’s many projects.

Eich said this week that he was “committed to ensuring that Mozilla is, and will remain, a place that includes and supports everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, age, race, ethnicity, economic status, or religion.” Some employees are tweeting it’s too little too late.

Believing in marriage as between a man and a woman is successfully and wrongfully being defined as bigotry. A union with full benefits would certainly be acceptable to the overwhelming number of people who are opposed to same-sex marriage.

Nothing like demonizing people for having a different viewpoint. Everyone is a racist or a homophobe or a xenophobe or a nativist if they don’t agree with these leftists. They are not liberal when it comes to the First Amendment unless you agree with them.