Mr. Zeldin Goes to CPAC


Rick and Lee

Rick Santorum and Lee Zeldin at CPAC

The Long Island contingent at CPAC wasn’t large, yet the applause greeting State Senator Lee Zeldin Saturday was impressive because people from around the country were taken by his message.

He is sincere and he means what he said.

Zeldin is running for Congress in Long Island’s Suffolk County.

The reason we at the Sentinel are focused on this race in Suffolk County is because Suffolk County is on the tipping point of becoming a tool of New York City socialists.

We have a full-blown Agenda 21 program here known as Vision Long Island; homes and land are being taken over by Eminent Domain for invented reasons. We have extraordinarily high taxes and much of the money supports New York City schools. Enjoying simple pleasures here is becoming costly. Recreational fishing has become a challenge because of the regulations inflicted on us.

Our politicians are often elected by liberals in New York City who fund the campaigns and vote on Long Island because they have vacation homes here.

Brian X. Foley, a former state senator, who now has a patronage job he is eminently unqualified for, was the deciding vote which stuck Suffolk County with an exorbitant MTA tax. The MTA, except for the Long Island Railroad and a few bus lines, is used minimally by Suffolk County because of our distance from the city, yet we found ourselves saddled with an MTA tax on our schools, businesses, firehouses, phone bills, electric bills, everything.

The MTA is out of control and they needed another piggy bank to dip into.

Lee Zeldin won Foley’s state senate seat and helped roll the MTA tax back more than 80% despite a difficult and big spending governor.

Even the other “Republican” in this congressional race, George Demos, is funded by Democrats who work with Nancy Pelosi.

This might be our last opportunity to stop the takeover of Suffolk County.

New York City is going down under Bill de Blasio and many of us would like to keep that from happening here in Suffolk County.

Lee Zeldin is a very honest and talented politician. He has the potential to go much further than congress.

We want people to know the type of candidate the Sentinel can support.