NAACP Wants UN to Investigate Voter ID Laws & The Human Rights Council Will!!!


The Human Rights Council which includes some of the worst human rights abusers in the world will investigate our voter ID laws at the behest of the NAACP who believe a publicity stunt is more important than loyalty to our country.

The Human Rights Council was going to appoint Qaddafi to their useless group before he met his recent demise. The council includes some of the most violent and anti-women regimes who do not even let women vote or only recently allowed women to vote.

The U.N. has no business in our business. The NAACP, with this move, has only proven that they are irrelevant and they have betrayed their country to the UN. They were once a great American organization – no longer.

…Vote-counting has always been crooked in the USA and everywhere else. So, politicians want the kind of voter-counting that favors their party. These days, Republicans favor electronic voting. The Democrats favor precinct voting without Republican observers.

Lyndon Johnson was elected to the Senate the first time in 1948 based on 200 ballots from people who came to the polls at a precinct and registered in alphabetical order. Out of a million votes, Johnson won by 87, based on a box of 200 ballots in one district. Johnson became known as “landslide Lyndon.” That box of 200 alphabetized ballots changed American history.

The NAACP is doing what it can to give federal regulators some backbone in making state and local voter ID cards illegal. The fact that the NAACP looks silly does not matter. A UN decision against voter ID cards will give Eric Holder’s Justice Department another reason to outlaw voter ID cards…Read more: The Economist