Netanyahu – Time for Action Against Iran Is Now

Tehran (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Iran is now capable of building the atomic bomb. Experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are convinced that Tehran now has the technology needed to build a nuclear bomb.

This entity [Israel] can be compared to a kidney transplanted in a body that rejected it. “Yes it will collapse and its end will be near.”

~ Ahmadinejad

Less than a week ago Obama issued a stern warning to Israel not to attack Iran. He followed up by sending Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, to Israel to convince Netanyahu to give the sanctions time to work.

Yesterday, General Dempsey attempted to convince Netanyahu the sanctions will work.

Netanyahu said the time for action against Iran was now, for two reasons: First, the conviction that Iran has passed the point of no return for developing a nuclear weapon; and second, the diminishing prospects for a US-led embargo on Iranian oil to catch on before it is too late.

The Obama administration disputes the Israeli prime minister on both points, insisting there is still time for tough sanctions to incapacitate the Iranian economy and stop Tehran before it reaches the point of no return in its drive for a nuke. Israel insists that this pivotal point was reached four years ago in 2008…Read more: Warning to Israel

The recent spending bill passed by Congress included the toughest sanction which punishes foreign financial firms that purchase Iranian oil, including through Iran’s central bank. This would put increased pressure on Iran over its nuclear program. Obama responded to this stricter sanction by saying he was afraid it would disrupt the oil market, drive up prices and alienate countries (since when have those two issues been a problem?).

Obama insisted on a provision that allows him to delay sanctions by six months. The President can also apply for a waiver exempting a country’s financial firms from sanctions if said country reduces their purchases from Iran.

The President blinked and he made us look weak. If Obama actually pushes for the waivers, he will look even weaker.

The oil embargo meanwhile is going nowhere. China, Japan, South Korea, India, Turkey and other European Union members purchase 85% of Iran’s total 2.5 million barrels in exports and they have shown no sign of canceling any orders.

So much for Obama’s policy of appeasement and attempts at direct talks with Iran.

Given the lack of progress towards oil sanctions, the Israeli Prime Minister told Gen. Dempsey Friday that he could not see giving the Obama administration more time for sanctions to work. He stressed that the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program had reached the critical point where time was of the essence for preempting a nuclear-armed Iran.

Personally, I don’t understand why we didn’t put these sanctions on Iran four years ago, we might not be in this position now.