New York State Senator Tried to Embezzle His Way Into Law Enforcement


Loretta Lynch Photo of my new hero, US Attorney, Loretta Lynch


Just another day in New York politics with another politician arrested for several felonies. That is what you get when you put all the peoples’ power into the hands of the elite as we have done in New York.

The politician in question is State Senator John Sampson of Brooklyn who appears to have embezzled $440,000 to finance a run for Brooklyn District Attorney!

I kid you not, he wanted to embezzle his way into the top law enforcement/legal position in Brooklyn.

He also embezzled in 2005.

Better yet, he used to be the chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee.

As a court-appointed referee, he allegedly took the monies out of escrow accounts and threatened to “take out” informants. He told FBI agents who accused him of lying that “not everything I told you was false.” He must have been an outstanding chair of the ethics committee.

He had a lot of committee assignments because he was so well thought of.

Sampson even assigned staffers to keep track of the investigation into the embezzled funds.

Sampson thug photo of John Sampson, New York mobster

His attorney said it’s not as if Sampson misused his office (as if that were even accurate).

Sampson faces two counts of embezzlement, five counts of obstruction of justice, and two counts of lying to the FBI.

My new hero is the US Attorney on the case, Loretta Lynch, who is continuing the corruption probes.

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