Newsday Helps AP Distort Benghazi Terror Attack – A National Disgrace


If anyone has any doubts about the media’s complicity in the Benghazi cover up by this administration, they should pick up Monday’s Newsday and read their reprint of the AP article on the topic. It will leave you aghast at what the Fourth Estate has become.

They put the Benghazi story on p.A53 which is a message in of itself of course, but worse than that, the article is a complete fabrication with enough truth interspersed to make it believable to anyone who hasn’t followed the story.

The AP authors described a scene with 150 bearded men in pickup trucks with heavy machine guns and “Ansar al Shariah” written on the side of the trucks congregating around twenty youths who came to chant against the film. AP admits there was no sign of a protest, but then they claim to have found a lawyer who said this is what he witnessed.

Since Newsday and the AP have a real scoop here, they really need to put this story on p. 1. It’s so completely opposite the information leaking out from whistle-blowers and people on the ground that one would think they’d blast it on the cover.

As if this didn’t represent a low enough moment in the history of journalism, the Associated Pravda authors, Paul Schemm and Maggie Michael, also wrote that the AP “corroborates the conclusion largely reached by American officials that it was a planned militant assault” [notice they don’t use the word “terror”] but they “suggest the militants may have used the film controversy as a cover for the attack.”

The authors then say, “the ambiguity has helped fuel the election-time bickering in the United States ever since.” In one slyly partisan sentence, they reduced the story to partisan bickering, with the insinuation being it is merely a manufactured political issue by Republicans.

Not one word, not one, about the tragedy of Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods being left to die by our administration in the worst act of administrative malfeasance in U.S. history.

The attack was a terror attack and had nothing to do with the film but they refused to use the word “terror.

The AP ignored the constant changing stories of our administration, in other words the lies in what appears to be an Obama administration cover up.

The tragic story of Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods and their last hours knowing help was not coming is completely omitted.

The propaganda doesn’t end there. The authors unbelievably wrote “Ansar al-Shariah, the group whose members are suspected in the attack, is made up of militants with an al-Qaida-like ideology, but it is not clear whether it has any true ties to the terror organization.”

Ansar al-Shariah is an al-Qaida affiliate. There is no ambiguity in that. An al-Qaida terrorist was at the scene. That has been confirmed.

Adding to the biased-left rants now monopolizing our media is CNN. Reporter Kevin Madden tweeted from his @KevinMaddenDC account “any Romney/RNC staffers not tweeted Des Moines Register front page yet?” The Register had posted side-by-side articles of Obama and Romney which were unflattering to Obama and flattering to Romney – unflattering but backed up with facts. Since his tweet, the Register, Iowa’s leading newspaper, has endorsed Romney.

The fact that reporters cannot see the need to remain neutral is very damaging to the free press. In fact, we do not have a free press. It becomes most apparent and quite horrific when our national security is at stake.