Nikki Haley Backs a New Candidate After Rubio’s Candidacy Collapses


nikki haley


“I thought that Marco Rubio was and is an amazing public servant. I think that he really tapped into so much of what people want in terms of the American dream,” Haley told reporters in Columbia, according to a video. “I think he had a lot of knowledge in terms of what they had to do, but it obviously wasn’t his time. You know the only thing I can say now is my hope and my prayer is that Sen. Cruz can come through this and that he can really get to where he needs to go.”

Haley declined to say whether she would formally endorse Cruz, remarking, “I don’t know that that part matters.”

“If anybody asks me, that’s what I want to see happen,” she said.
In assessing Cruz’s path to the nomination, Haley said the Texas senator has been “solid and strong the entire way.”

Source: Politico