No One Will Speak for Meriem Wani in the War on Women


Daniel Wani is the naturalized American from New Hampshire whose wife is languishing with her two-year old toddler in a Sudanese prison. Meriem is 8 months pregnant. Except for one senator, America has abandoned Daniel, an American citizen, as he fights to save his wife and child.

Meriem, a 27-year old doctor, was imprisoned for marrying a Christian and for refusing to become a Muslim, the religion of her father and brother.

Meriem Ibrahim (Ishag) was brought up a Christian by her mother. Her father was absent during her youth.

Meriem has been sentenced to hang after two years in prison. She will also be flogged 100 times.

You can read the background story on this link.  Barack Obama could intervene though there seems no evidence he will. Obama’s brother, Malik Obama, a frequent visitor to the White House, works for and closely with the Sudanese president.

Barack Obama has been silent on the situation. In this very real war on women, Michelle Obama has failed to join any hashtag wars on her behalf.

Mr. Obama never does anything about anything except when it comes to grabbing onto opportunities to redistribute wealth or target U.S. citizens.

Daniel Wani has gotten some help from our government in the form of Senator Kelly Ayotte. “I’ve called for the U.S. government to offer Meriam Ibrahim (Ishag) political asylum and use all diplomatic measures to secure her safe release, and I continue to be in touch with the State Department and Department of Homeland Security regarding this case,” Ayotte, R-N.H., said in a prepared statement. “My office has also reached out to Daniel Wani and his family to obtain more information about their situation and to offer assistance.”

While Meriem is not a citizen, their child and unborn child are citizens.

Greta Van Susteren interviewed Daniel Wani:

As Americans, we no longer stand up for the Daniel Wani’s in our country, we stand up for Sandra Fluke: