No Time for San Bernardino Victims But Obama Does Want to Go to Cuba


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Elected officials didn’t bother turning up for the funerals of the victims of the terror attack in San Bernardino, except for a very quick visit by Gov. Brown. Obama was in Charleston fast enough and he sent his DOJ AG to Michael Brown’s funeral, but he hasn’t visited with the victims in this case. He does want to make time to go to communist Cuba though.

This story is part of a weeklong Yahoo series marking one year since the opening of relations between the United States and Cuba.

President Obama stated in an exclusive interview with Yahoo News that he “very much” hopes to visit Cuba during his last year in office, but only if he can meet with pro-democracy dissidents there.

“If I go on a visit, then part of the deal is that I get to talk to everybody,” Obama said. “I’ve made very clear in my conversations directly with President [Raul] Castro that we would continue to reach out to those who want to broaden the scope for, you know, free expression inside of Cuba.”

When Barack Obama talks of pro-democracy dissidents, he isn’t talking about democracy, he’s talking about communists light.

His incredible arrogance shows through. He thinks he sends a democracy undercurrent wherever he goes. At the end of this clip he takes credit for turning Burma into a liberal bastion though they hardly are. He thinks his one visit to Myanmar, formerly Burma, helped turn it into a democracy.

The current administration is so democratic, they are holding elections but won’t let the democratic Nobel Laureate candidate run for office.  Because of government discrimination against the Rohingya, a Muslim minority who are not allowed citizenship, tens of thousands of them are now refugees.

The human-rights group Fortify Rights informed Bloomberg TV that with the persecution of the Rohingya getting dramatically worse, Myanmar is home to “some of the worst human rights violations that can be perpetrated.”

A visit to Cuba sounds like it’s right up his alley. It’s the country he should be ruining, not this one.