NYC’s Persecution of Religion & Councilman Fernando Cabrera


Seven arrested for kneeling in front of a law school in NYC!

A city councilman and three clergymen were among seven people arrested Thursday as they protested the eviction of worship services from public buildings in New York City.

Houses of Worship have long used public school buildings after hours for gatherings and worship. It’s been home to many for decades. Churches don’t have a lot of money and going elsewhere is not easy.

The NYC Department of Education, with an extreme responses to separation of church and state, will no longer even allow them into their buildings. Worse yet, they have given them 6 weeks to get out, which is hardly enough time for these money-challenged organizations.

The city Housing Authority is planning a similar move to ban them from all public buildings.

The clergy responded by protesting yesterday with about 30 people in front of the Law Department in Manhattan. Seven protesters, including Councilman Fernando Cabrera, were arrested for kneeling in front of a public building.

“It’s just crazy that they’re forcing the churches to leave in six weeks,” Councilman Fernando Cabrera said after he was handcuffed, booked on a trespass charge and released. “They should absolutely allow the houses of worship to continue doing what they are doing. It has never negatively affected anyone.”

The councilman didn’t plan on getting arrested but when he was asked by the clergy, he said he couldn’t think of a better cause.

Jordon Lawrence, lawyer for two of the churches, told reporters, “The reason they made this public demonstration today was to draw attention to the Department of Education’s policy and the contemplated expansion of this policy,” he said. “They believe this is an infringement on religious liberty.”

This is the same NYC that allowed the Occupiers of Wall Street to spit and curse at passersby, have sex and do drugs in the open and in front of children, flaunt filthy, disparaging, and threatening signs, march up and down public streets, tear onto the Trinity Church cemetery, overtake sidewalks as they disrupted normal pedestrian and vehicle traffic, et cetera. I mustn’t leave out the fact that they left disgusting filth around at their temporary residence in the park – they were defecating in plastic bags in front of people and peeing on trees.

That’s okay, you see. In fact, our congressmen, such as Tim Bishop and Steve Israel, really, really like those people.

Thank you Satan. So glad the police were told to arrest the clergy and the councilman who cares about them. I mean, hell, they were kneeling. How obscene, not like the OWS, who are independent, young, spontaneous and focused. The Ows are unconditionally supported by the same people who want to make religion invisible. Read here: Arrested for kneeling

The Governor wants to put casinos around the state to feed the porkulus machine we have going, despite the fact that gambling encourages an addiction that costs people their homes and livelihood in too many cases. That’s okay too.

As long as there is no kneeling or praying, anything goes in NYC.