NYSUT Strong-Arming the NY Legislature-Will Cuomo Cave?


We love teachers. Teachers are important, the union – not so much. NYSUT is the strongest union in the nation and their union leadership does not care if New Yorkers cannot afford their benefits and salaries and they do not care if New York implodes.

A tax cap recently passed in NY and the tax-happy loons in the state Senate passed a new law to circumvent it. The Senators need to do what NYSUT wants. Schools (except NYC) under this law would be allowed to float bonds to cover teacher pension costs for the next several years. This is not a swipe at teachers. We love teachers, but the union leadership needs to get real.

We cannot afford to constantly hand out unsustainable benefits. Instead of having the courage to take the government union on, the legislators, who have been bought and paid for by the union, want to forestall the economic crash sitting on our doorstep.

From the NY Torch: “…A property tax cap hasn’t even passed both houses yet (as of late Thursday), and already the state Senate has slipped through a bill that would allow school districts to circumvent it. The measure immediately was referred to the Assembly Ways & Means Committee, just a step away from a floor vote in the legislative session’s final hours.

An egregious fiscal abuse on its own terms, the bill (S.4067-A) would allow school districts across the state (except for New York City) to issue 15-year bonds to cover a portion of their rising teacher pension costs over the next several years — at least $1 billion in all, by one estimate. The measure was introduced two months ago at the behest of the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) as a way of reducing pressure on teachers to make contract concessions…” Read here: Circumventing the tax cap