Obama Advisor and Kidnapper Had His Ankle Bracelet Go Off at the WH

Obama advisor Ross

Two days ago, we posted a story about the gangsta rappers who are advising Barack Obama on criminal justice reform – police aren’t involved of course. They met with the president at the White House to discuss how to keep young blacks out of prison and to celebrate the My Brother’s Keeper initiative.

These ‘artists’ sing disgusting songs praising crime for a living.

One of the rappers, Rick Ross took the name of a drug kingpin named Rick Ross – cool, huh? He was recently released from jail after posting a $2 million bond after kidnapping and beating up his groundskeeper. He wears an ankle bracelet and it went off while he was at the White House.

Mobster Ross
Mobster Ross

Obama is glorifying these gangsta wannabes by making them advisors. They glorify themselves as criminals and wonder why they end up in jail or why the children who listen to their music end up in jail.

More than 900 people have died this year in Chicago alone, not because cops shot them, but because the real life gangsters got them  – the ones these rappers make into heroes.

This week, in Chicago, two men were killed, nine wounded, including a one-year old baby. At the end of March, two were killed and nine wounded including a 7-year old little boy. We won’t ever even know their names. These liberal big cities are killing fields. They are war zones, not because of guns, because of gangs and their lucrative drug business.

Rap could be a source for good but instead it’s evil. There is a new song out titled, ‘F**k Donald Trump, and the lyrics include death threats against Trump and violence if he takes the Oval Office. It also tells criminals to commit voter fraud. The media apparently loves it.



Trigger warning on the video – disgusting, vulgar lyrics.


This is a really good video by Infowars.

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