Obama Believes Unbridled Taxation Is Government’s God-Given Right


I had to buy a bathroom fixture today. I went to the local plumbing store and found one frazzled owner. He was working hard, was constantly interrupted and seemed upset when he heard a builder canceled an order. I wasn’t worried about him though because he didn’t build that business. It was the person who paved the road in front of his store. He didn’t earn his success. We are all entitled to his profits.

At least that is what Barack wants you to believe. Barack Obama wants you to think you are an insignificant part of the collective and that your individuality is nothing special without all the other ants who help you build your tunnel.

If you accept this line of thinking, the government becomes entitled to all the money you make. Letting you keep some of it is a gift.

During a recent stump speech in New Orleans, President Obama Obama talked about “another trillion-dollar giveaway for millionaires.” A week later, Jay Carney said not taxing people who make $250,000 is “another $1 trillion giveaway to the wealthiest Americans.”

When did letting Americans keep 40% – 50% of their salary become a “giveaway?” When is taxing considered theft?

The Obama administration is trying to bully Americans into accepting the outright theft of money earned by successful people in this country. This is not what Americans stand for. After they are finished with them and realize they need more money, they will come for you.

Obama and Carney’s comments were referring to the “Bush tax cuts” which have been part of the tax code for ten years. The “tax cuts” ARE the tax code. Barack Obama would have you believe otherwise.

Obama claims that Republicans will force tax increases on all Americans to avoid taxing the wealthy. The truth is that the Democrats will tax all Americans by letting the “Bush tax cuts” expire if the Republicans don’t put in the super-progressive tax on the “millionaires and billionaires” who make $250,000 a year.

Jake Tapper tried to get an explanation from Carney during the press conference.

via Investors

…ABC’s Jake Tapper wanted to know what he would “say to a small-business owner who says that’s not a giveaway, that’s my money, and by the way, I’m going to need some of that money in order to help pay the health care of individuals that I’m now mandated to do?”

Tapper further said, “It’s not giving anything away; it’s allowing me to keep my money.”

But it didn’t get one. Carney prattled on in response, but he would not address the point, which is:

How can government officials make a moral claim on money earned by others?

The public needs to be clear about how this administration and many Democrats think. It’s more than a big-government mindset. It’s a government-is-god mentality.

The idea that government owns all and has the authority to manage everyone’s life is corrosive. The president doesn’t think that individuals should be recognized and compensated for their business success…