Obama Calls for ‘Common Sense’ Gun Control During Active Shooting in San Bernardino


Barack Obama told Norah O’Donnell this afternoon, while there was a mass shooting at a San Bernadino adult care center, that these shootings can be made rare by ‘common sense’ gun laws. He said some laws are broken, for example, buying a gun while on the terror watch list is a loophole. However, what he didn’t say is the terror watch list is known to be a joke.

There is no NRA resistance to keeping guns from the mentally ill or people on watch lists, except they insist there be due process included in any bill, but due process has been left out of bills.

Obama called for a bipartisan effort at every level of government to come together to solve this problem of guns. Yesterday, he said he was considering executive orders to control guns.

He was coincidentally meeting with Norah O’Donnell during the shooting.




  1. Well thank God that the police responded, oh wait a minute. Those 14 people are still dead and the 14 wounded are still wounded. Well at least the FBI showed up and now everything will be alright and, oh wait a minute. Those people are STILL dead and those wounded are STILL wounded. Then what good is it that they showed up AFTER the shooting? They are saying there is a heavy police presence. Like that means something. No one is going to protect you. Authorities only respond AFTER the crime has been reported. These people cannot defend themselves, thanks to the morons who hold political office. If they had been armed, there would NOT have been that many people killed and wounded. The governor of California, California’s Senators and Congress, all share the blame for the murder of these people. They have prevented them from defending themselves, which has resulted in their deaths. Looks like California’s gun laws are NOT working. Thanks a lot, Obama the fool.

    • same thing i said after charlston, ” one armed parishioner might have saved eight lives”.

      put that on your kid’s t-shirt and see how quick he get’s booted from class…b

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