Obama Delayed, Luke Somers Died


Mr. Obama is to be congratulated for trying to rescue Luke Somers, but he needs to act more decisively. He delayed the rescue of Luke Somers for two days. Mr. Somers was shot to death by the terrorists during a failed rescue on the day al-Qaida had decided to kill him. I’ll leave it to the reader to decide if the delay contributed to Mr. Somers death.

Mr. Obama will not react quickly to any crisis unless it’s something that will fundamentally change us domestically. Everything else gets run by his committee of political hacks who check polls to see how the public will respond.

He delayed in the case of ISIS and in the case of Benghazi, he did it with the Somali pirates and we have seen it most recently in the case of the American hostages including James Foley and now Luke Somers.

The Wall Street Journal put out the timeline on the Somers rescue and it is clear that the very political Barack Obama, who ran as the “D.C. outsider” decided Luke Somers fate via a protracted committee process while Somer’s life hung in the balance.

Luke Somers
Luke Somers, age 33, reportedly a kindly man.

Luke Somers life was in immediate danger. We knew of the cave he was likely being held in and by early November 21st, two hostages had been moved. Intelligence agencies believed Somers was still in the cave.

By midmorning November 21st, JSOC presented a rescue plan to be carried out in the evening the day after the plan was approved.

Pentagon Adm. James Winnefeld, vice chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff quickly reviewed and approved it, sending it to Chuck Hagel by 4 p.m. Hagel immediately approved it and sent it to the White House.

Lisa Monaco, a hack at the White House who should have been fired after Benghazi, held a meeting in the afternoon of November 22nd. She said a decision would be made after the National Security Council weighed in by the morning of November 23rd. [They couldn’t get them out of bed?]

The president finally approved it but not until after written approvals were presented.

What should have taken hours ended up taking days. Obama doesn’t trust the military and has to spend inordinate amounts of time consulting with the inexperienced people he trusts like Valerie Jarrett, Ben Rhodes, and Susan Rice.

Update: both Luke Somers and a South African hostage were taken out still alive but mortally wounded from gunshots. Something alerted the terrorists to the presence of the U.S. commandos. The two-day delay meant the rescue took place under a nearly-full moon.

Other officials say the delay had no impact but they don’t address the fact that the delays were unnecessary.


This delay was a repeat of the delays which led up to the death of James Foley. In that case, it took the White House a month to make the decision. There are reports that Obama didn’t want his administration Carterized.

Doing things for the right reasons are anathema to political hacks like Obama.

It has been Obama’s modus operandi from day one. In 2009, the Maersk Alabama, under the leadership of Capt. Richard Phillips, was captured by Somali pirates. According to a leak by a Navy SEAL published by WND, two rescue plans by SEALS and the captain of the U.S.S. Bainbridge were turned down though the White House denied that.

The rules of engagement imposed by Obama prevented the SEALS from doing anything unless the hostage’s life was in “imminent danger.” They could not even return fire when they came under fire delivering supplies to the Maersk.

They had to act as sitting ducks when they could have wiped out the pirates then and there.

The SEALS weren’t ordered to the scene for 36 hours – another delay which Obama later denied though it was obvious at the time.

Other rescue opportunities were missed because of Obama delays and his draconian rules of engagement.

At one point, Phillips jumped into the sea and the SEALS could do nothing to help.

After days of delays and inaction, the commander of the Bainbridge decided the risk of death to the hostage was imminent and he ended the standoff unilaterally, freeing Capt. Phillips.

Barack Obama actually wanted to negotiate with the pirates according to some reports.

At the time, Barack Obama was praised for his “decisiveness” by our errant media.

The White House denies the delays he is accused of by anonymous military sources but look at his record – he always delays.

He denied that he refused to allow lethal force but he has incorporated that into the rules of engagement in Afghanistan.

One of the accusations against him in the case of Extortion 17 is that they were not allowed to return fire when fired upon. These rules have been reported frequently under many circumstances.

It is true that Capt. Phillips jumped into the sea and the Americans did nothing.

An event that should have been over in hours went on for days and that is fact.

Obama is a master in the use of delays to meet some selfish purpose. His delays over Obamacare are the most obvious. The worst parts of the Obamacare law were delayed unlawfully until after 2016 while he has his healthcare minions run ads daily on how great Obamacare is and how people “deserve” their subsidies.

He delayed the unlawful amnesty until after the election so his congressmen could be re-elected.

Delaying is a very deceptive political practice the way Barack Obama uses it.

Barack Obama sold himself as a man of the people, he was just one of us, and he operated outside D.C. according to him. He still likes to pretend he is outside D.C. looking in.

The next video is an excerpt is from his address at the 2008 DNC convention when he became the nominee. Since he’s taken office, he’s created mostly part-time and low-paying jobs, given most jobs to immigrants and oversaw a workforce with more than 92 million out of it. Home values are still plummeting. Middle class incomes are down. His foreign policy is a disaster. We have reached a debt of 18 trillion and we monetize our debt. He is the first president to lead the United States to a drop in its credit rating. When the rating was dropped, he sent the DOJ out to prosecute two of the credit rating bureaus. He operates like a tinpot dictator.

All he has been successful at creating is a United States welfare bureaucracy that we will never come back from.

Whether the delay contributed to Somers death is unclear at this time but to delay in a case like this is unconscionable. Mr. Obama doesn’t care about Luke Somers or James Foley. He cares about his legacy and his welfare state.