Obama Fixed Obamacare Today by Overriding the Law of the Land


Obama wishing Oamacare problems away

Cartoon photo of Mr. Obama magically erasing Obamacare problems

Mr. Obama, speaking at a press conference today, announced a fix for people who are losing their health insurance.

He said the Obamacare rollout has been rough and he is not happy.

He said the success of the site is proving that people do want quality, affordable health insurance. More than a million people filled out applications with 106,000 succeeding in getting coverage (only 27,000 succeeded on healthcare.gov). Mr. Obama lauded the 300,000+ signed up to Medicaid (he did not mention that some had been covered but lost their coverage thanks to Obamacare). He said in just one month more than 500,000 people have the security of affordable care.

He then said there are two problems.

The  first problem is the website. He said it has gotten a lot better and they are working on it 24/7.

He said the other problem is that people are losing their ‘inadequate’ insurance plans. He understands why people are upset.

He will extend the principle of grandfathered plans through 2014  to those that have plans which changed.. He is, however, requiring insurers to tell the insured what protections they are not covering and they must tell clients the protections Obamacare affords that they aren’t offering.

He has no legal right to change Obamacare, it is the law of the land. However, he has been violating the law with delays and exemptions so perhaps he plans to violate the law again.

We will have to see how he plans to make this all happen.

Mr. Obama said it will help a lot of people and he is willing to work with Congress to make the law work better.

In response to a question by Major Garrett, Mr. Obama said his assurances to people that they could keep their healthcare was the result of the inadequacy of his grandfather clause. He thought the grandfather clause would work.

Mr. Obama thought 93% would not be affected (in 2010 the federal register said 93 million would lose their plans and it is perplexing as to how he didn’t know). He also said he thought people would be so happy with the new plans, they wouldn’t mind.

He said the old individual market wasn’t working well and it’s not a place worth going back to. He will not accept any undermining or repeal of Obamacare and a return to the broken system.

Republicans in the House are voting on the Upton bill tomorrow which would allow people to keep their health insurance if they like it though it has no enforcement arm. It does, however, allow insurance companies to keep selling the policies. Landrieu also has a bill which has an enforcement mechanism that could negatively impact Obamacare.

Mr. Obama came out with his fix today to keep the Republicans from looking like the saviors. He is cutting them off the pass. It’s a political solution, not an effective one.

Unfortunately, it is hard to understand how anyone can force insurance companies to reinstate the plans with so little notice (by December 15) when they usually take months to plan the costs and benefits.

One frightening thought is a bail out to help make it happen. Obamacare has bail out provisions for insurance companies built into the law.

Meanwhile more than 5 million more people are without insurance. Some people are ill and will be in desperate shape if something isn’t done. This is very serious. People could actually die or be seriously harmed.

Allowing insurance companies to continue with grandfathered plans is competition for Obamacare and will negatively impact Obamacare.

Obamacare is a disaster and a fix won’t fix it. It does not lower the cost of healthcare nor does it lower premiums despite HHS continuing to say that it does.

Look at what is happening to small businesses. Small businesses are allowed to move their renewal dates and many are racing to get in by the Dec 1 deadline. Large businesses (with 50 or more employees) are not allowed to adjust the date. So far, small businesses are finding their insurance premiums for the next year are coming in with 100% increases with the smallest increases at 28%.

You can keep your plan if you like it…uh…not really. Obamacare was designed to get most people, if not all, off their healthcare plans and onto Obamacare.  It’s the only way Obamacare can survive. Any ‘fixes’ today are only delaying the inevitable.

It should also be noted that the CBO said that even after 10 years, 30 million Americans will be without healthcare. Mr. Obama originally said he initiated this reform in part to cover the 30 million who did not have health insurance. Another lie.