Obama Is Bringing Muslim Refugees into the US in the Dark of Night


Migrants Cross Into Slovenia

Capt Joseph R. John is the President of the Combat Veterans for Congress PAC and recently wrote an article about the unfettered illegal immigration that flies in the face of common sense.

Capt. John wrote that “citizens of foreign lands have “no” constitutional right to migrate to the United States, and US Federal Law provides a president with broad powers in deciding what foreigners are permitted to migrate to the US, and what foreigners are not permitted to migrate, especially in wartime.”

Obama has decided to bring in hundreds of thousands of refugees under the radar despite the fact that we are at war with Islamic terrorists, John points out.

In his article he references a story that we’ve also reported on though we’ve yet to get video proof of it and that is that UPS is bringing refugees in by the plane load in the dead of night.

In November, Governor Chris Christie said the president was already bringing refugees into the country and he doesn’t know who they are or where they are going. The video below includes the segment.

As the narrator states, Obama has given 680,000 refugees green cards to people from Africa and the Middle East primarily and the talk about 10,000 refugees is only a distraction. We have already allowed more Muslim refugees in than in the entire country of Belgium which was recently put on lockdown due to terrorists’ threats.

These refugees got here somehow. While there isn’t video proof yet, they are coming in secretly. Only the receiving agencies know who they are and where they are.


There is precedent for putting a pause on immigration.

Pat Buchanan, in an article copied on the link below, goes through a litany of how previous US presidents, going back 100 years, excluded certain classes of immigrants from the United States—there is absolutely no reason why the refugee settlement program, can’t institute a “long pause” until the vetting process can be finally implemented to exclude radical Islamic terrorists or those with terrorist ties.



  1. So who is bringing in the Cubans? Read recent articles about Cuban immigrants immediately qualifying for benefits including healthcare and how much of these benefits are being paid to Cubans who are still in Cuba .

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