Obama Issues an Executive Order That Threatens Our Way of Life


While you are watching the shiny object, the Marxists are on the march literally and figuratively. They think we all have too much and it’s time to give it all up. They will  use the climate as the way to make it happen. While they are at it, they will use taxes, redistribution and the destruction of fossil fuels to change the climate.

Who are they to tell us we have enough? Where do they get their information about running out of energy? Probably from Leonardo DiCaprio who marched through New York City with climate extremists yesterday and later spoke before the world’s dictators and socialists.

Mr. Obama issued an Executive Order today titled, CLIMATE-RESILIENT INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT. It requires “the integration of climate-resilience considerations into all United States international development work to the extent permitted by law.”

Since Mr. Obama repeatedly violates the law when he doesn’t like it, the law shouldn’t stand in his way and hardly needs mentioning.

His order was prepared by a socialist, John Podesta, who works closely with another infamous socialist, George Soros.

Mr. Obama’s war on ISIS will go on for years.The slaughter and genocide will destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands while he takes baby steps to dismantle them. The real war for him is on the climate and that change will take place at light speed.

The purpose of Sunday’s Al Gore-led climate march through New York City was to prepare us for an Obama executive order issued today. Many of the participants in the march were the Occupiers of Wall Street who are Marxists of various types including communists, socialists, and democratic socialists.

The Executive Order (EO) is not innocuous and it will unleash the foundation set by two prior Executive Orders.

It spreads the tentacles of climate change extremism throughout our government and throughout every agency, while aligning it with the principles of the Marxist U.N.

As an aside, every agency of the U.S. government has been politicized. All are puppets of the President and agencies are no longer the independent arms of government.

This new EO will result in a domestic and global redistribution of U.S. wealth.

Every dealing overseas will require consideration of the U.S. contributions to climate change.

Obama’s prior executive orders set the stage for a U.S. that strives not for individual accomplishment but one that exists for the collective.

Two executive orders were cited in today’s executive order.

Executive Order 13514 of October 5, 2009 (Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance), and Executive Order 13653 of November 1, 2013 (Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change), established a strong foundation for coordinated and consistent action to incorporate climate-resilience considerations into policies and procedures throughout the Federal Government. Executive departments and agencies (agencies) with international development programs must now build upon the recent progress made pursuant to these orders by systematically factoring climate-resilience considerations into international development strategies, planning, programming, investments, and related funding decisions, including the planning for and management of overseas facilities.

The Sentinel forewarned of the dangers of Executive Order 13514 in 2012.

Mr. Obama’s agenda has always been about transforming the country domestically making us into a mere cog in the world, using climate change extremism as a vehicle to get it done. We are the nation that has gotten too rich and that must now share our wealth with the world.

EO 13514 helped lay the foundation for Agenda 21 and for the war on fossil fuels. It was one of a number of directives that empowered the forces of Agenda 21.

I previously discussed EO 13547 and EO 13575 which directed the government agencies to begin Agenda 21 initiatives in our waterways and on rural lands.

Since then, the government has seized land and laid the foundation to put themselves in control over all land and water in the U.S. using The Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

On October 5, 2009, President Obama laid the cornerstone for the federal government to become the nation’s biggest customer for green products and services with EO 13514.

In Executive Order 13514, he directed federal agencies to use their purchasing power to “foster markets for sustainable technologies and environmentally preferable materials, products and services”. He ordered agencies to save water, increase energy efficiency, use more renewable energy and less fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build high-performance buildings. To green the federal supply chain, the President directed that 95 percent of all new purchases must contain recycled content and be energy efficient, water-efficient, bio-based, non-toxic and environmentally preferable.

The EO issued today takes it further and mandates the entire government “consider” sustainability and climate change in everything it does.

If you think it sounds expensive and controlling, you are correct.

Following this EO directive, in January, 2011, The Presidential Climate Action Project, or PCAP, released an extensive list of recommendations for the White House in a 75-page paper entitled, “Building the Obama Administration’s Climate Legacy.”

Primary among the PCAP’s recommendations was that the Department of Energy should join the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) what is known as the Partnership for Sustainable Communities. [Notice the power overreach by government agencies this must entail.]

In addition it recommends the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine as a means of silencing critics of the theory of global warming.

The Partnership, which distributes over $1 billion in grants aims to “help communities nationwide improve access to affordable housing, increase transportation options, and lower transportation costs while protecting the environment.”

Mass transit and mixed-use construction are key to this plan’s goal of “clean mobility.” Water, air, agriculture, and waste are to be more strictly regulated by the government.

Tens of billions of dollars have been promised to developing nations in a grand scheme of wealth redistribution.

A NY Times article – Activists Fight Green Projects Seeing the UN Agenda 21 Moving Into Their Backyards – insinuates that people are conspiracy nuts if they believe the U.S. is following the U.N. Agenda 21 plot to spread Marxism around the globe. EO 13514 and the PCAP tell us the opposite is the truth.

Those of you who live on Long Island might want to take a look at the meeting which took place in our Suffolk County town hall which matches with Agenda 21 and PCAP exactly. Read here: Long Island Soon to be the Island of High Rises, Trains and Government-Owned Lands

EO 13653 was more of the same. It was signed on 1 November 2013. The EO outlines Federal agency responsibilities in the areas of supporting climate resilient investment; managing lands and waters for climate preparedness and resilience; providing information, data and tools for climate change preparedness and resilience; and planning.

Mr. Obama’s climate summit was missing the biggest polluters like China. It doesn’t matter to Mr. Obama. The summit is merely a stage for Mr. Obama, one of the most dangerous actors in the climate change drama. He’s an extremist pretending he’s not and he’s powerful.

As Al Sharpton said, when the people elected Barack Obama, they overwhelmingly voted for socialism. We got what we asked for.

These statists in the administration told us what they were about but Americans still voted for it – twice. Anyone who called them what they obviously were was demonized and painted as a racist, an extremist or a tin-foil hat guy.