Obama Issues Stern Warning to Israel Not to Strike Iran



Obama Issues Warnings to Netanyahu About A Potential Strike Against Iran

Not that I want a war with Iran, but which side is Obama on? Why is he publicizing his warnings to Netanyahu??

The WSJ reports that U.S. Defense leaders are concerned that Israel is preparing to strike Iran and are fortifying U.S. facilities in the region. President Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta have warned Israel not to strike. They want Israel to give the sanctions more time to work.

President Obama has stepped up the pressure on Netanyahu in phone conversations and has arranged for U.S. Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to meet with Israeli military officials in Tel Aviv next week.

The U.S. is also warning Iran against provocations, which has been the useless approach he has used for the past three years.

Israel Secret Service has used covert operations to slow the progress of Iran’s nuclear program, which Iran insists is for peaceful purposes.

There are signs that both Iran and Israel will stand down, but Israel has been non-commital whenever the U.S. has questioned them about their intent to attack Iran. Read here: WSJ