Obama Takes Business Away from Store Owner In Ad About Businesses Suffering


A deli owner is demanding her store, Krause’s at Friendly Market, be taken out of an Obama ad. For ten seconds, her store is visible and you can hear Obama saying owners are sacrificing to make their businesses run.

The owner has been told by customers they will no longer shop there.

A store manager knew they were filming but was told it was for a survey on riot doors which are used to protect storefronts.The Dems claim they purchased stock footage from Cincinnati video. The company claims they told the manager the footage could be purchased for any reason.

All this may be true but if you are the peeps working for the President of the United States and you are making an ad talking about struggling businesses, you should photograph a struggling business that agrees with the ad. They actually took business away from this owner while expressing their sorrow over lost business. Ironical, isn’t it?

The store owner says she’d feel the same way if it were a Romney ad. The Dems don’t believe that, but maybe that’s because they’re lying and think everyone else is. I believe her. It’s not good business to advertise your political beliefs.

The Dem campaign people said she’s obviously not an Obama supporter. That was based on nothing the owner said and it was a very nasty comment for them to make because now the owner’s Obama customers will be angry with her. They have to know that. These people are vindictive.

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