Obama Wants to Be Known As the Thriftiest President Since Eisenhower



President Obama is a real tightwad. That deficit spending, bailouts, and the stimulus are all figments of our imagination. That $5 trillion Obama added to the debt ceiling – a figment. Oh, and the spending was Bush’s fault too.

In a stump speech in Iowa on Thursday, Obama said, “Federal spending since I took office has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years.”

The false claim was based on a Market Watch article which did not reflect reality. It omitted some spending, falsely claimed cuts, and generally gave Obama too little credit for other spending.

Because the 2009 budget was begun under Bush, Market Watch counted the entire budget as Bush’s and it is as if Obama didn’t begin his term until 2010. The report also assumes a rosy future picture that is unlikely to occur.

This isn’t the first time that lie has been put before the American public. It’s similar to the lies spread by the bogus Pelosi budget chart and the Krugman graphs which I have dealt with in previous articles.

This does prove that it is easy to lie with figures.

How stupid do they think we are? Apparently, VERY.

Obama’s claims have been debunked by the AP –

Associated Press:…The White House is aggressively pushing the idea that, contrary to widespread belief, President Barack Obama is tightfisted with taxpayer dollars. To back it up, the administration cites a media report that claims federal spending is rising at the slowest pace since the Eisenhower years.

“Federal spending since I took office has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years,” Obama said at a campaign rally Thursday in Des Moines, Iowa.

The problem with that rosy claim is that the Wall Street bailout is part of the calculation. The bailout ballooned the 2009 budget just before Obama took office, making Obama’s 2010 results look smaller in comparison. And as almost $150 billion of the bailout was paid back during Obama’s watch, the analysis counted them as government spending cuts.

It also assumes Obama had less of a role setting the budget for 2009 than he really did…