Obama Wins – America Loses


It’s difficult to know just where to start.  We – as Conservatives – have absorbed a wicked shellacking at the polls and no matter what the talking heads proclaim, the 2012 election will be one for the history books on many levels.

As most have done, I made a series of predictions prior to election day – most of which centered around my belief that no American in his or her right mind could possibly consider voting for anyone who has literally dragged the country to the edge of the cliff.  I was wrong.  Very wrong.  60 million people – seven million more than the number that elected Barack Obama in 2008 – turned out to support his socialist policies once again.  About 57 million cast their ballots in opposition.  Nowhere near – and I mean not within a country mile – of turning back Obama’s political ideology.

It was, as they say in Texas, a good old fashioned “whoopin” as Obama won every important/big State in the Electoral College except the Lone Star State.

Winning California and New York was easy to predict.  A Conservative in those two States has absolutely NO chance of ever being seriously considered for any high-level political office.  However, Obama not only won California and New York, he walked away with Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan.  He even threatens to win (and I believe he will) the State of Florida, which baffles many of the experts.  When you add in his showing in Virginia, as well as the expected sweep of the Pacific coast, you get a much better sense of just what kind of landslide electoral college victory this really is.

To be brutally honest, Republican Mitt Romney won nothing except Texas.  Sure, he won North Carolina, but not by much, and the fact that Florida, Virginia and North Carolina stayed in play until the very end is even more indicative of the Obama / Democrats tsunami election.

All of New England – once a strong Republican area – went totally Democrat, including Maine, where so-called Independent Angus King won a three-way race for the United States Senate and added yet another vote to Majority Leader Harry Reid’s voting block.  And King won handily – as I predicted he would months ago.  As of this writing, King hasn’t announced which party he’ll caucus with, but it’s a rather easy to predict.  He’ll try to bargain his way on to a couple of favored Senate committees and probably be handed at least one of his choices, which will bring about the expected announcement that he’ll join Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democrat caucus.  No matter what he decides, King is far, far, far from being a Conservative and certainly isn’t a Republican, either.

Some were surprised with the Obama win in New Hampshire.  I wasn’t.  Like Texas, New Hampshire is fairly well off compared to most of the nation and it was easy for Granite State voters to pull the lever for Obama because they’re in about the same financial condition they were in when he was first elected.  To them, the economy is improving, so their vote results came as no surprise.  Remember, there’s no income tax in New Hampshire or Texas, and no sales tax in New Hampshire, either.  If you can stand the weather, life is fairly good in both.

The Winners:

Barack Obama.  Certainly the President will see the results of this election as a mandate – and rightfully so.  This election wasn’t anywhere near as close as the popular vote would suggest.

Democrats.  While they failed to take control of the House of Representatives, Democrats beat the odds and actually gained a seat or two in the Senate, which should signal an immediate resignation from Texas Senator John Cornyn, Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  This election should have produced at least a small Republican gain in the Senate.  Instead it was a dismal, embarrassing failure.

Pollsters.  Well, a few of them, anyway.  Those who relied on the models from the 2008 election and factored those numbers into their 2012 predictions look like geniuses today.  And then there are fools like Dick Morris, who predicted a Romney landslide and were horribly wrong.  If nothing more, Morris assured himself of never being asked for a political prediction again.  And rightfully so.

On a personal note, I’ve never liked Dick Morris.  I like him even less today.  He exposed himself as a fraud and acted the part to an Academy Award level in the runup to this election.

The Losers.

Mitt Romney is a decent man.  He was never my first choice as an opponent to Barack Obama, but over the course of the campaign I developed a much higher opinion of him.  I believe he would have made an excellent President, but we’ll never know.  Romney’s political career is now over, but he conducted himself with dignity and statesman-like decorum and should be seen as a worthy contender for the presidency.  He won’t be.  Not ever.  History will record this as a huge Romney defeat – one that ranks up there with the beat-down put on Senator John McCain in 2008.  Given the 332 – 206 electoral college win for Obama, it’s easy to see why.  (332 if Florida ever finishes counting votes)

Some have said loudly that Romney should have pushed the Benghazi consulate deaths to the front page – and I agree with those people.  Instead, he never mentioned the attack and, in my opinion, a golden opportunity was missed.  NOT to politicize those deaths, but to focus the voter’s attention on the horrible outcome and the serious lack of leadership displayed by the President.

If and when the truth comes out, many will be astonished.  I won’t be one of them.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Some are saying that Hurricane Sandy destroyed not only many lives and properties, it also destroyed any political momentum that Mitt Romney night have enjoyed prior to (and subsequent to) the storm’s landfall.  I honestly don’t believe it had as much effect as the losers would have you believe, but if the reaction is any indicator, Governor Christie might just as well change political parties right now.  He’ll never, ever be welcome anywhere near a Conservative, much less enjoy keynote speaker status at any future Republican convention.

Yes, he campaigned with Mitt Romney and appeared to be a good soldier, but all of that went away when he embraced President Obama and lauded him for his work in helping his State’s hurricane issues just days before the election.  And all Obama did was show up for a well-planned photo op and then jetted off to Las Vegas for yet another fundraising event or six.

I can’t blame Christie for wanting to pull every string possible to help his State, but he was used, big time, by Obama and every Republican knows it.  As a Conservative, he simply doesn’t count as being on my side of the political spectrum.

Obama’s appearance made absolutely NO difference in the federal response to New Jersey’s hurricane recovery problems, but Christie’s butt-kissing will long be remembered as a huge political mistake.

Senator Scott Brown.

Now “Former Senator Scott Brown” was swept into office with an enormous push from the TEA Party.  He was swept OUT of office by an at-best, mediocre candidate, and without TEA Party support.  A perfect example of what happens to Republicans in name only.

Diane Sawyer.

I have no idea what caused Diane Sawyer to act the way she did during the ABC News coverage of the election, but, whatever it is, ABC needs to address it promptly.  Some (many?) have suggested she was drunk on adult beverages.  Others have said she acted as though she was stoned on medications.  Whatever it is/was, it needs to stop.  This isn’t the first time Sawyer has acted this way while on the air, but it really needs to be the last.

The United States of America.

I was cautiously optimistic about this election.  As I’ve said many times, I don’t honestly understand how anyone could vote for a person whose stated plan is to convert the United States to a Marxist-socialist country.  But, that’s exactly what has happened and I have serious concerns for our nation’s future.

The American electorate has spoken and – whether they’re totally aware of the consequences of their votes or not – that’s the path we are now on, and soon to be in high gear.  Lord, have mercy.