Obamacare Brainwashing Program Casts a Wider Net


Obama selling snake oil1

Photo of Obama’s snake oil

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSF) is planning to use a $990,000 State grant to teach teens to sell Obamacare to their families.  The money comes from a  $37 million grant by Covered California, the State’s health insurance exchange, to promote Obamacare. It is a pilot brainwashing program.

“We have confidence that the model LA Unified brought to the table will be successful in reaching our target population, which includes family members of students,” Covered California spokeswoman Sarah Soto-Taylor told a Heartland Institute reporter.

Teens are expected to brainwash their families and get them signed up for Obamacare and, undoubtedly, for the Democratic Party. Obamacare includes  a section to sign people up to vote. It also includes money for leftist organizations like unions, LaRaza, ACORN, et al to “navigate” people through the healthcare law.

School staff will be used to phone students’ homes to encourage enrollment and teachers will certainly have to use class time to brainwash children into becoming Obamacare messengers.

School officials said that teachers haven’t complained and that is truly concerning to anyone who is opposed to brainwashing in the schools.

Meanwhile, Kathleen Sebelius is trying to “convince” the NFL and the NBA to sell Obamacare to their young fans. The government needs young healthy people to sign up for Obamacare so they can offset the costs of covering unhealthy people.

The government wants the young people who watch sports to pay thousands for healthcare instead of paying the $200 fine.

Sebelius is trying to turn sports into political organizations that spew state propaganda. They want to brainwash fans with ads. This administration would sell snow in the winter if they could.

Sebelius has also turned to healthcare organizations and other private businesses to get them to promote Obamacare at their expense.

The House refused to give Sebelius another billion dollars to advertise the wildly unpopular Obamacare so Sebelius circumvented Congress with these brainwashing and bullying tactics.

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