Obamacare’s a Massive Fraud – As Insidious As It Gets – Says Prosecutor


President - Liar

The DOJ has been in court fighting religious groups over the HHS mandate. On October 17, the DOJ’s brief on this issue was posted online. It included the following statement.

‘Even under the grandfathering provision, it is projected that…a majority of GROUP health plans will have lost their grandfather status by the end of 2013. ‘

During their defense of the mandate, the DOJ even pointed to the June 2010 federal register in which it was predicted that tens of millions of people in group health insurance plans would lose their insurance.

This shows that they knew the grandfather clause was never real to begin with.

This went on two weeks prior to Mr. Obama going before the public and saying that he didn’t know the grandfather clause wouldn’t work.

The Administration knew this even while Mr. Obama said – more than 30 times – that if you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it. He is still claiming he didn’t know people would lose their plans.

It (his statement) was not accurate, said Mr. Obama, the grandfather clause was insufficient. He said he thought the grandfather clause would work. He said 98% of the people wouldn’t be affected at all. He knew at the time he made these claims that the opposite was true.

Listen to the video:

Mr. Obama has been going around saying that only a very small number of people will be affected even though he knew tens of millions would be affected. Check out this video in which Andy McCarthy, a former prosecutor and a fellow at the National Review Online calls it a massive fraudulent scheme – as insidious as it gets:

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