Obamaphone Is Now ObamaBroadband for Democrat Voters Who Say They’re in Need

Face of the Obamaphone fiasco.
Face of the Obamaphone fiasco.

Broadband services are now a right!

Broadband is being defined as a need – a right – for those who allegedly can’t pay for it themselves. No one minds giving to the poor but that is not what this is.

This is Marxist redistribution.

The Washington Times reported that the Federal Communications Commission agreed Thursday to expand the Obamaphone, dubbed the LifeLine Program, to include high-speed Internet access.

“Failing a major change in direction, the FCC is preparing to massively expand the size and scope of the Lifeline Program without the necessary inclusion of a hard budget or financial constraints,” conservative FCC Commissioner Michael O’Reilly wrote in his blog on the commission’s website.

Lifeline has no restrictions, no expiration dates, and no one is expected to look for a job.

“Such irresponsible action will balloon a program plagued by waste, fraud, and abuse and result in higher phone bills for every American — including those already struggling in the current economy. In sum, it’s a recipe for disaster, and I can’t and won’t be part of it,” Senator David Vitters said.

The program is already rife with fraud and scammers.

Back in March of 2015, FCC commissioner, Ajit Pai said the Internet bill is going to go up as the government exercises more and more control over it. Broadband is now a public utility thanks to net neutrality. Net Neutrality, sold under false pretenses, was always a plan to control the Internet.

It didn’t take long for the government thieves to concoct their first plan to steal from the average American to redistribute their wealth.

Broadband will be subsidized by working class Americans for those who aren’t working. The plan includes sweeping changes and declares broadband as an essential right we must pay for.

There is nothing that won’t be taxed and regulated by the Marxists in power and there will always be a good excuse.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, an Obama minion, described the expansion of the program on the FCC’s website, “I am circulating new proposals to “reboot” Lifeline for the Internet age,” which would include, “establishing minimum standards of service for voice and broadband.”

Our tax money will go to pay for all low-income consumers, whether they are here illegally, are members of gangs who deal, or others who work off the books and other scammers. Then there are the perpetually entitled.

According to the Denver Post, Sen. David Vitter, R-La., said in a statement last year that the FCC has “failed to manage Lifeline efficiently in its current form, and I cannot support any expansion of a program.” Other than that, there’s not been much pushback from the GOP.

The Democrats rule the FCC but why aren’t the Republicans saying a word about it? This is why people support Trump – they want to blow the whole corrupt thing up.

The FCC has its own little piggy bank. It’s called The Universal Service Fund (USF) of subsidies and fees managed by the FCC to promote universal access to telecommunications services in the United States. Last year, it was more than 16% of our telecommunications bills. Lifeline expenditures have more than doubled since Obama took office.

There are only 3% of Americans who don’t use the Internet because of the cost according to Pew Research but now that it will be a freebie, expect a whole lot more fraud. Democrats won’t deal with fraud because it’s a way for them to buy votes.

The Obamaphone lady will now get free Broadband.