Obama’s Betrayal of Israel – Taking Everything Off the Table

Netanyahu and Obama Meeting in 2011

While the economy crashes and Israel is put in further danger by the Obama administration, the journalists’ esteemed Poynter Institute lists the following as their top story –

American Society of News Editor’s convention starred an unusual lineup: five, heavy-hitting top female journalists.

Is there any wonder that the lamestream media gives us little or no information?

As we now know, the Obama administration recently leaked information that Israel had an agreement to fly out of secret air bases in Azerbaijan which can only be interpreted as a move to delay or prevent Israel from striking Iran’s nuclear facilities.
There have been numerous statements by the Obama administration meant to dissuade the Israelis from attacking the Iranian nuclear sites. Read more: World News Tribune and Independent Sentinel

Today, the Jerusalem Post reported that the attack could be delayed until 2013. That would be after Obama’s election. Supposedly, Netanyahu sees the sanctions are hurting Iran and might succeed, though there is no sign, NO SIGN, that this will be the case.

A senior defense official recently said, “It could happen this year, but also 2013 is a possibility. We will need to wait to see the effect sanctions and diplomacy have on Iran and what the regime decides to do.”

This could of course change if Iran visibly enriches uranium to higher military-grade levels. Since the facilities have been moved deep into the mountains, it is not clear how anyone will know if that is or is not the case. More information at Jerusalem Post

Klein Online reports that an Arab website, Al-Monitor, sent their Washington correspondent, Barbara Slavin, to interview Chuck Hagel, co-chair of Obama’s Intelligence Advisory Board. Slavin asked Hagel if there were any private approaches (you know, like the open mic Obama-Medvedev flexibility slip).

Hagel replied, “I know more than I can tell you; there may be. I hope. I don’t see any other way around this. Because you can’t deal with something … as explosive as this is out in the public.”

Klein said that Middle East officials told him that political representatives of the Pentagon, in conjunction with the WH have repeatedly asked Israel to not strike Iran. That certainly shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Obama officials have told Israel they will not be able to destroy the entire project, Israel has more time, and intelligence agencies are allegedly working to slow Iran down with some success (I wouldn’t take that to the bank).

Klein also claims that the Middle Eastern officials said Obama is engaged in back door talks with Iran informing them that he is opposed to any attack on Iran and wants an agreement with them to not retaliate against the United States should Israel attack. The U.S. State Department has not responded to Klein’s request for information as of yet.

What gives this report substance is that Obama spokespersons have publicly stated that Israel would not be able to destroy all of the Iranian facility and it would draw the U.S. at a loss of hundreds of lives (military). Obama claims he does not want Iran to have the bomb but he often says the opposite of what he means so I wouldn’t hinge my hopes on that.

A U.S. analyst and  executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Robert Satloff also said “I cannot underscore how deep and visceral the [Israeli] comments of the leaking that came out of Washington were.”

From the World Tribune –

World Tribune:…Israeli military analyst Ron Ben-Yishai said, “The United States is leaking information to the media in order to avert an Israeli strike in Iran.”

“It is blatantly clear that reports in the past week alone have caused Israel substantive diplomatic damage, and possibly even military and operational damage.”…

…Satloff, who met “virtually everybody in the Iran debate,” said the Israeli leadership also saw the administration as blaming Israel for the sharp rise in U.S. gasoline prices. He said Washington attributed the higher prices to “Israel’s posturing” on Iran…

According to a recent poll by JCPA indicate that  77% of Israelis see Iran nukes as an existential threat. I don’t know why it isn’t 100%.