Obama’s Campaign Workers Won’t Work But They’re Willing to Be Violent

At 2 PM in the Afternoon on a Workday, Surely They Could Find a Better Use of Their Time





The following transcript is from Newsbusters. Leo Gerard of the United Steelworkers (who were a rather intimidating presence at the September 17th OWS rally, which was the first) appears to be encouraging violence if the movement of anarchists and Marxists isn’t successful.

GERARD: You’re damn right Wall Street occupiers speak for us. They do in Pittsburgh, they do in Chicago, they do in Oakland, they do in San Francisco, they do all across the country. And I think what we need is, we need more militancy.

SCHULTZ: What does that mean, more militancy?

GERARD: I think we’ve got to start a resistance movement. If Wall Street occupation doesn’t get the message, I think we’ve got to start blocking bridges and doing that kind of stuff. This doesn’t have to be this way. The economy doesn’t have to be this way. It’s being put this way because the Wall Streeters are getting their way.

Gerard upped the ante minutes later, suggesting that unions go beyond “blocking bridges” (audio) (Editor: Gerard lies in this audio – the truth is that it’s been less than a year since the House has gone Republican and they have tried innumerable jobs bills which the Democrats have blocked)–

Then we lost the House ’cause the House got blamed for what the Senate didn’t do and now we got a bunch of right-wing nutjobs running the House of Representatives. And in the last period of time, what do we got now, almost two years, a year and a half, that the only thing they’ve done is bring forward social bills, they haven’t brought forward one jobs bill, not one jobs bill, Ed, not one jobs bill and that’s what they ran on.

And no wonder people are occupying. We oughta be doing more than occupying parks. We oughta start occupying  bridges. We start oughta occupying the banks places themselves. I mean, I just think that this is nuts.

Yes — “we start oughta occupying the banks places themselves,” along with an exaggerated timeframe since Republicans regained the House and the oft-repeated lie of alleged GOP indifference to jobs legislation. Schultz’s less than hardy endorsement in response —

SCHULTZ: Mr. Gerard, always a pleasure, keep up the fight, always enjoy  visiting with you on the issues of the day and what’s happening. It’s, uh …

GERARD (sensing Schultz’s lack of enthusiasm): We can never give up, Ed, we can never give up ’cause we’re right.

SCHULTZ: We are correct on the issues, no doubt. United Steelworkers international president Leo Gerard here on the Ed Schultz radio show, telling the truth again …

Perhaps after union members are released on bail following their arrests for occupying bridges and banks and, in the process, harming countless working people just trying to do their jobs, they might want to consider occupying the offices of amply compensated union leaders, including Gerard (Editor: Gerard is the top 3-4%).

Top 1%: $380,354

Top 5%: $159,619

Top 10%: $113,799

Top 25%: $67,280

Top 50%: >$33,048

Last year, Leo Gerard said much the same thing. If you go to the end of the following tape, at 5.38, you’ll hear Mr Gerard dismiss peaceful means like “Letter Writing” and he says how the Progressives Need to Realize they have an “Agenda Worth Fighting For” and they should “take to the streets and do what needs to be done”.