Obama’s Cult of Personality vs. International Realities



Obama fiddling while DC burns

A cult of personality is established when a person uses mass media and propaganda to create an idolized, heroic, even god-like public image.

In July, 2008 Barack Obama gave his Berlin, “Victory Column” speech before 200,000 cheering Germans.  The throng even showed their love by breaking into intermittent chants of O-bam-a, O-bam-a.  It was typical of a seemingly endless series of appearances, both home and abroad, fawningly covered, featuring adoring crowds frenzied by the presidential candidate’s mere presence.

Mr. Obama, a previously unremarkable state and U.S. senator, rode that wave of adulation right into the Oval Office.  In June 2013 Barack returned to Germany, giving another outdoor address, this time before 5,000-6,000 invited guests.  It was a powerful indictment of what happens when ambiguous, flowery, utopian rhetoric, unchallenged by a mostly enthralled press, meets the real world.

So now we have a President of the United States, historically considered the most powerful man on Earth, being disrespected by foreign leaders across the globe.  What has he done to deserve such contempt?  Nothing.  As crises explode worldwide, Barack Obama has done nothing.

He’s done zippo re: the rouge regime in Iran.  In 2009, even as they were being slaughtered, Barack did nada to support young Iranians begging for his help during their “Green Movement”.  He was “deeply troubled”.  Unmoved by our sanctions, Iran moves full speed ahead to develop a nuclear bomb.  Our Commander in Chief’s wants to pursue a “tough, direct” dialogue” with Tehran.  More talk, yeah that’s the ticket.  Tick tock on the nuclear clock.

Korea has grown as a nuclear threat over his time in office.  They’ve now successfully fired missiles that could be prototypes for rockets capable of delivering weapons of mass destruction over long distances.  President Obama said, “…..our hope is we can contain it and….try to work through, diplomatically, some of these issues, so they can get back on a path where they’re actually feeding their people.”  Yup, refocus those belligerent crazies on feeding “their people”, a strategy that hasn’t worked in 60 years.  That’s a big zero there.

Libya’s version of this administration’s much heralded “Arab Spring” had terrorists murdering 4 Americans. Chris Stevens was the first U.S. Ambassador to be killed in decades.  The Obama-ites spent weeks declaring the deaths were the result of a virtually unseen, anti-Mohammed, internet video.   Mr. Obama’s pledge “to bring justice to the killers” remains unfulfilled.  A prime suspect sips cool drinks and does media interviews, while somehow escaping an FBI interrogation.  The kowtowing press, terrified of being any way complicit in adding another goose egg to the Obama foreign policy scoreboard, can’t bury this story fast enough.

One of the president’s advisors has described their approach to global affairs as “leading from behind”.  Egypt would seem a prime example of this failed, feeble, uncertain approach.  The Obama Administration has flipped, flopped, and twisted itself into a knot, trying  unsuccessfully to belatedly match their “strategies” with fast paced, erratic events on the ground.  They supported Egyptian leader/dictator Hosni Mubarak, until they didn’t.  They then backed Muslim Brotherhood strongman, Mohamed Morsi, until the latest upheaval ousted him.  Now, conflicting stories have been circulated as to whether we’ll continue providing money to Egypt’s military.  The number of decisive answers to this critical funding question?  Zero.

President Obama and his spokesmen spent weeks warning the Russians against granting asylum to NSA leaker, and fugitive from American justice, Eric Snowden.  When the former Soviet Union completely ignored our threats Barack was “disappointed”.  Going forward what do you think former KGB guy Vladimir Putin will take away from that empty response?

Perhaps the most recent, damning example of an overseas nation humiliating our Commander in Chief, came just a few days ago, courtesy of Syria.  It would appear Syrians celebrated the one year anniversary (August 21, 2012) of Barack Obama’s declaration that a Red Line would be crossed if Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons started “moving around” or “being utilized”…..by using chemical weapons to kill over a thousand people.  Videos of women and children suffocating and foaming from the mouth not withstanding the White House announced “We are calling for this U.N. investigation to be conducted.”  Bashar al-Assad, joins a host of other international thugs who flip off the U.S. leader frequently and without consequence.

How did President Obama fall from world wide political wunderkind back to the international equivalent of an inconsequential state senator?  The global bullies took Barack’s measure by challenging his heroic, god-like image.  They found Mr. Obama shrivels when faced with the realities of a dangerous world that cares little about an indecisive, media inflated, cult of personality president, whose foreign policy consists of spouting meaningless utopian, faculty lounge, platitudes….while he does nothing.