Obama’s ‘Demonstration of Extraordinary Lethargy, Disinterest, Uninterest’



Poland’s President Bronislaw Komorowski said this morning that, because of the possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia, he is afraid the world is heading for war. Russia is massing troops at the border and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is concerned that Russia is about to invade Ukraine. Mr. Obama is not very worried, in fact, he’s downright uninterested.

Mr. Obama is not a leader, he is unable to persuade, negotiate, or solve problems.

Mr. Obama gave a news conference addressing the U.S. African Leaders Summit today at the State Department in Washington. He was asked by an NBC reporter about the situation in the Ukraine. His response was so detached that he basically gave Russia the okay to go ahead and invade.

There was something wrong with Mr. Obama during his speech. Maybe he’s not getting enough sleep. He seemed completely uninterested in the Ukraine-Russia situation. He seemed detached from all the issues.

When asked if the sanctions were working, he said he didn’t know if they were working yet and then he said that they were working as intended. They are clearly not working. Putin is ready to invade Ukraine.

He said “it is up ultimately to Ukraine to make decisions about their own lives.” He might as well have given Putin permission to invade.

Mr. Obama bragged about the food rations he is giving to Ukraine. They need weapons and he’s sending packages of food they didn’t ask for.

On Special Report, Charles Krauthammer aptly described Mr. Obama’s speech as “a demonstration of extraordinary lethargy, disinterest, uninterest…this is unbelievable…we’re just saying we’re going to watch…”