Obama’s Failed Energy Policy & His Deceptive Propaganda


Obama continually takes credit for the increased oil production which was the direct result of policies put in place by presidents before him. He thinks that alternative fuels such as pond scum, which are failing miserably at great expense, are the only way to go with oil and gas as a thing of the past. Prior to his election, he claimed he would do it all, including drilling and building nuclear plants – he was never sincere.

He falsely claims we have only 2% of the world’s oil when we are sitting on oil reservoirs that could last for 250 years.

Obama has done everything in his power to destroy oil, gas and coal because he is one of the extreme environmentalists he strives to please. Killing Keystone is his baby.

He claims we can’t do a thing about world prices when other presidents have.

Obama is a great deceiver and he’s good at it. His energy proposals have cost the taxpayers a fortune and they are falling quicker than a tower of cards.

Obama sets up oil task forces and uses them to propagandize but do nothing. His answer to gas prices is give larger rebates for cars no one wants.

We can always keep our tires inflated and paint our roofs white if all else fails.

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