Obama’s Fat Police Will Text Obese People And Tell Them to Lose Weight


food police

Branco cartoon via Conservative Daily News

The Ministry of Food Police, officially known as the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC), has brought 15 of the greatest health-conscious minds together as they do every five years to find ways to encourage Americans to choose a healthy diet that will work for them.

The recommendations are enforceable recommendations and form the basis for “Federal nutrition education and program activities”. They affect many departments of government such as the FDA, USDA, NIH, and so on. Most haven’t affected us much but that seems like it’s about to start changing.

The transcript of last week’s hearing, which I obtained from Reason.com, included “policies,” “taxes,” and “regulations.” It should also be noted that the brainiacs working on this don’t like, sugar, salt, soda, meat and if you do, you’re going to pay.

One of their ingenious ideas (I’m being sarcastic) is to text fat people regularly. Creepy, huh? It will be expensive, meddlesome, and result in an unacceptable loss of freedom. Who are these government people to interfere in someone’s life because they think they weigh too much? Isn’t there an organization of some kind for the protection of obese people?  There needs to be. Not so many years ago, no one would dare insult an obese person.

The story gets worse, read all about it at Reason.com.