Obama’s Fisker Fires 75% of Its Work Force



The Obama administration invested $200 million taxpayer dollars in Fisker, a Finnish company that makes electric hybrids for rich people. They assemble their cars in Finland. It is a great looking car and it would really be great if we could only get it to move!

Fisker never built a car in the United States and they have been looking for investors since last July. Fisker fired 75% of their work force on Friday.

When Fisker was given the money, they said they would use the money to purchase a GM plant in Delaware and hire 2,000 American auto workers to build an electric hybrid family car called the Atlantic.

Fisker later said our money went for research and development. That didn’t work out either. They relied on the A123 battery, which we also invested in, and which made batteries that go on fire. The Fisker Karma in the photo went up in flames as it sat in a garage – unplugged.

Fisker denies any responsibility for the failure of their cars. They said they tested their cars themselves and they’re fine.