Obama’s Handling of the Sony Attack Is Worse Than You Think


The cyber attack on Sony was preceded by a decade of cyber attacks which have been ignored by President Obama. He saw fit, however, to criticize Sony without hesitation, a criticism most likely based on a lie.

President Obama weighed in on Sony’s response to the attackers – the GOP or Guardians of Peace – saying Sony should have shown the film, The Interview, and they should have consulted with him before pulling the plug. However, Mr. Obama has not responded to any of the constant attacks on our infrastructure by Russia, China, Iran, North Korea. He simply plays defense.

The president didn’t tell the truth in the Sony situation.

The Sony CEO said they were in conversations with the Obama White House about the release of the movie both before and after the cyber attack. The White House admitted after the fact that there were conversations but relied on a straw man to bail them out. They made an unrelated point and said they weren’t in the habit of telling a company what to do.

On Friday, after the president’s news conference, Sony CEO Michael Lynton contradicted Obama’s criticism in his first interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaraia on Sunday.

“We definitely spoke to a senior advisor in the White House to talk about the situation,” Lynton confirmed. “The White House was certainly aware of the situation.”

They were aware before the attack as well.

According to Deadline, “Sony also consulted with the US State Department before the November hacking attack to assess any potential political heat the Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy might provoke. Lynton said Sony went to experts, think tanks, and the State Department ‘to get an understanding of whether or not there was a problem’ with the comedy about two bumbling journalists sent to assassinate North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.”

If President Obama was sincere, he would have called Sony instead of championing the 1st Amendment after the fact.

North Korea, China, Russia, and Iran have attacked our grids, our government organizations, they are in our networks and our government hasn’t said a word. Our industrial control systems are compromised.

What if our lights go out?

Water, food, transportation, banking are at risk.

As serious as the Sony cyber attack is, our politicians in the White House and in Congress need to address the more critical threats.

EMPs are a threat and still the bill to deal with that threat languishes in Congress though there is bipartisan agreement to pass it.

President Obama said his response to North Korea would be proportional which was more in the  way of comforting Kim Jong Un and letting him know we weren’t going to drop the big one.

President Obama is an appeaser of bad guys. Despite promises to the contrary, he did nothing when North Korea attacked the South Korean ship, he did nothing after the third North Korean nuclear test in 2013, and he won’t do anything now. He’ll let the news cycle pass and people will forget.

When it came to the you tube video, The Innocence of Muslims, however, it was a different story. Despite the fact that there was no evidence it was responsible for the Benghazi terrorist attack, he made a commercial with Hillary Clinton apologizing for the test and which caused riots in Pakistan. He even went before the U.N. three weeks after the facts were known.

Hilary Clinton told Ty Woods Jr’s father that the man responsible for the film would go to prison.

The man responsible, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, was taken from his home in the middle of the night in a deliberate way, and imprisoned for a year on a petty charge. The 1st Amendment meant nothing to Clinton or Obama in that case.

North Korea should never have been taken off the terror list by George Bush in 2008. We certainly should have put them back on the list when they killed South Koreans just to conduct a military exercise.

The president and Susan Rice should use the Sony attack as an opportunity to come forward with the evidence proving that North Korea is lying and that they are sponsors of terror. Instead, our leaders are vacationing.

They will undoubtedly squander this opportunity to show the world the truth about North Korea.

President Obama cherry picks the issues that will be addressed and when the 1st Amendment will be important.

They’ve been miserable failures in dealing with the major threats in the world and have weakened the U.S. in the U.N.

Whatever is politically expedient is their motto. There isn’t leadership or strength, just lies, cover ups, and appeasement.


North Korea threatened the U.S. with violence this weekend when Mr. Obama said we will respond appropriately.

He will delay and then do little as is his custom. He draws red lines and does nothing.

Mr. Obama isn’t taking this seriously. He is calling the cyber attack an act of “vandalism”. As Rep. Rogers said, “going to Hawaii” isn’t a response.

North Korea has a Bureau 121 of hackers who do nothing but that worldwide. We should be working on taking them down.

The world knows we will do nothing.