Obama’s IRS Threatens Employers Over Obamacare


Obamacare offenders wanted by IRS

It should be interesting when religious organizations refuse to obey Obamacare. They will either go out of business, as Obama planned, or they will be in serious financial difficulty thanks to their new bosses – the IRS.

Ken Cuccinelli, AG of Virginia, said that religious leaders have to be prepared to go to jail in opposition of this abuse of freedom of religion.

Obamacare also abuses our entrepreneurs.

The dreaded organization of petty bureaucrats which is in charge of all our healthcare issued their first threat to employers.

Employers who will struggle under the new Obamacare costs are looking for ways to survive by making employees part time so they don’t have to offer them the health insurance they cannot afford.

The IRS thinks this is abuse of Obamacare and said they will soon issue, guess what…that’s right, more rules to eliminate all loopholes. For instance, employers will not be allowed to put employees on two part-time shifts though it would benefit both.

Obamacare is really about the bureaucracy controlling our lives. Big Brother lives.

If employees violate the rules, they will be fined into bankruptcy.

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