Oh WOW, Chinese Commies Put A Friendly Face to Abortion and Female Infanticide

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“Female Infanticide – 200 billion babies dead in China” 

When you read the following story about China, ask yourself if it could happen here one day. 

You say it can’t happen here but remember that the government is now in charge of our healthcare and they do not want children born to parents whom they (the government) believe cannot care for them. Remember the State has already replaced the father in millions of American homes. Abortion in America is a woman’s issue more than anything else. The State has convinced many women that a pregnancy is the equivalent to their being in bondage to their fetus. They do not see abortion as the act of killing their babies…

Only 36 states have banned late term abortions and in many states, aborted babies who are accidentally born alive are left to die or their deaths are helped along. Remember that our President argued for post-birth abortion on the floor of the Illinois state senate. We also hear a great deal about population control from some leaders in government – a subject which was once taboo.

Chinese authorities want to put a friendlier face to forced abortions and infanticide. China has a one child policy and, as a result, abortions and post-natal murders are a way of life. How do you put a friendlier face on murder you ask? It is easy when the previous approach was horrific.

In the past, the officials pushed their one child policy with the following advertising:

– “If you don’t get sterilised, your house will be demolished”
– “Kill all your family if you don’t follow the rule”
– “If you escape (sterilisation), we’ll hunt you down”
– “If you want to hang yourself, we’ll give you the rope”

Now they are going to change their advertising strategy to make the policy so inviting that the threats will not be necessary.

The government would like to stop the selective abortions which have lead to the abortions of baby girls and the leaving of baby girls by roadsides since they now have a gender imbalance. At least a 100 million Chinese men have no hope of finding a wife. Boys are favored in China and if you are only allowed to have one child, you are going to want the child to be a boy.

Dead Newborn Left In Gutter

Asia News – …Chinese authorities have announced a friendlier communication strategy to promote the country’s one-child policy, which allows couples to have only one child. According to some estimates, about 200 million abortions and post-natal murders were performed since the policy was adopted. However, an article in the Communist Party’s official newspaper, thePeople’s Daily, recently slammed local officials for coming up with phrases such as, “If you don’t get sterilised, your house will be demolished” in promoting family planning.

The brainchild of Deng Xiaoping in the late 1970s, China’s one-child policy is the foundation of the country’s family planning.

Designed to limit population growth, it has caused major social imbalances. At present, 100 million men of marriageable age have no chance of finding a wife. At the same time, the population is aging, creating a major headache for couples that must face the task of raising one child whilst supporting six senior citizens.

Under the party’s new directives, the policy is not going to change, only its advertising strategy…

Five Time Victim of China's Abortion Policy

How long before Americans are condemned for having too many children and placing an unfair burden on society? Once the government controls our health and every other aspect of our lives, it will only be a matter of time. Isn’t this what the government funding of abortion is all about?