Oklahoma Tornado Kills Three Storm Chasers



Photos of Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras, and Carl Young

Storm chaser and meteorologist Tim Samaras, his storm chaser partner Carl Young, and his son Paul Samaras, were among the 13 people killed during the latest round of tornadoes and severe weather to hit Oklahoma, according to family members.

A 4-year boy was one of those killed when he was washed away from the drainage ditch where the family took shelter.

A baby found in the river is in critical condition.

Paul Sameras was found strapped in his car. His son and partner, who were in a different car, were pulled from the car by the tornado. They were cataloguing the data from the storm near El Reno.

The storm was an EF3 with winds up to 165 mph.

Mr. Samaras sent out a Twitter message at 4:50:

“Storms now initiating south of Watonga along triple point,” he wrote. “Dangerous day ahead for OK — stay weather savvy!

Paul Sameras combined an engineering degree with storm chasing to research and catalogue the twisters. He formed an organization called Twistex.

video of May 20th tornado that hit Moore OK

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