OMG, An Anti-Living Wage Capitalist to Be Named Labor Secretary


Most people understand that the entire minimum wage ‘fight for 15’ is about mandating a living wage for everyone, even the no-goodniks in our society. The producers will carry all of the non-producers in this scenario. It’s anti-Capitalist of course. As Trump fills out his cabinet, his goals becoming extraordinarily clear. He is a true Capitalist.

Our socialists, especially unions like the SEIU, have been damaging fast food companies and losing jobs for their employees in their efforts to raise the minimum wage for unskilled labor. It’s for the greater good – the philosophy of the ‘living wage’.

Hoping to survive the onslaught, the fast food companies are now going to automation because unskilled labor can be replaced by machines.

The socialists want the capitalists to stop making profits and they want unskilled labor to make a lot of money.

Fast food executive Andrew Puzder is President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Labor, transition sources told Fox News on Thursday.

This will drive the socialists crazy.

Puzder is CEO of CKE Restaurants Inc., which owns Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.

He is a Trump adviser who has been critical of the Affordable Care Act’s impact on full-time employment. He’s also opposed steep increases in the minimum wage and has warned about the damaging effects of overregulation, Fox News reported.

Trump supporters should enjoy his picks while they can because the leftists will come at us with their complete arsenal and their biased media.


  1. I’ve also read that this guy is a big supporter of the Gang of Eight bill allowing lotsa illegals to come in……hmmm…..

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